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You’re at home and you are trying to connect to the internet. You enter your router’s IP address,, into your browser bar but it does not work. What do you do? If this has happened to you before then don’t worry! I am here with a few handy tips on how to fix the problem so that you can get back online in no time at all!

Hardware Issue

You must check if the router works and if all lines are on. If the power light is not on or blinking, then you must unplug it and plug it back in. If this does not work, then check to see if there are any loose cables inside your router that may have been pulled out when someone accidentally bumped the device.

The lights on the router should be either green or orange. If they are not lit up, you might want to try plugging your modem and any of the other cables into a different outlet just in case there is an electrical issue with one of them. On occasion, some power problems can cause routers even those which have been turned off for a while to malfunction when plugged back in so it’s best if this doesn’t happen while troubleshooting issues related to wires connected directly to the device itself!

Software Issue

If a software issue has occurred, such as an update stopping midway through installation for example, simply reset your router by turning off the device and turning it back on again without connecting to Wi-Fi so that all settings will be lost and can start from scratch.

Is Your Computer Connected to the Same Network?

Make sure that your computer is connected to the same wireless network as your router. If it is not then try reconnecting with a different SSID (wireless name).

When you reach out for help from support or someone else like me and they ask what type of connection are you using? You will know if it is on an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. If you are not sure which one, then it is most likely that your connection is through an Ethernet cable from the router to your laptop.

Allow the IP in the Firewall

Make sure that there isn’t a firewall blocking you from accessing the address because this may just be what’s wrong with your internet!

To solve this issue go into Control Panel and select Windows Defender Firewall > Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off (this will allow it to temporarily block instead of permanently). In order for Windows Defender to turn back on again all we have to do is restart our computer so reboot if needed now!

Enter the IP Number Correctly

There are 2 IP that allows the user to access the router. One is, the other is It depends on your router’s manufacturer. And it depends on how you enter the IP in your web browser, it might be interpreted wrongly.

Some wrong examples:


If you are not sure which one to enter, call customer service and they will be able to help.

You can enter or into the web browser’s address bar. And if you aren’t sure what is the IP of the gateway, you can follow these steps:

  • Open Command Prompt window
  • Type ipconfig to reveal the machine’s IP range.

As in the picture above, Default Gateway holds the value of your router’s IP access.

Wrong Username and Password

You can access the router by logging in with a username and password. If you are struggling to log into your router, try some of the most common passwords first or look up the correct password for your specific model.

If you have forgotten your login information for, then reset it to default settings before entering them again as they may be incorrect or outdated!

ISP Issue

Your ISP might do maintenance and that would make your internet go down. It is best to call them for help if there isn’t an outage or something like this happening in the area.

There is a light on your router that determines if the internet line to ISP is working. It is called LOS. If it turns red, call your ISP to ask if the line is broken somewhere or whether they are doing maintenance.

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