How to Add Arrows to Pictures with Microsoft Paint

When you need to help viewers focus on the topic of a picture, arrows overlays can be effective in directing the attention. And you can grab viewer’s attention right away by drawing the arrows with color contrasted to image’s.

Microsoft Paint is a Windows’s free image tool which allow user to create arrows at ease.

  1. Start Microsoft paint – The software can be opened via searching for “Paint” in Start menu’s search box.
  2. Open an image – You can press Ctrl + O or access command via File > Open.
  3. Select arrow shape – The Paint includes arrows with 4 directions, “Left arrow,” “Right arrow,” “Up arrow” or “Down arrow”. Click on the shape you want.
  4. Choose colors – There are 4 options which affect an arrow’s color.
    • Fill: Arrow’s inside color.
    • Size: Arrow line’s width.
    • Color 1: Arrow line’s color.
    • Color 2: Arrow fill’s color.
  1. Draw arrow – Hold down the left mouse button where the arrow should start, and then drag the cursor toward the position the arrow should end.
  2. Save the modifications – Press Ctrl + S or access File > Save.

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