14 Fun Things for Nerds to Do

We all know that nerds like to have fun. Whether you’re a geek, gamer, or just super into science fiction; there’s always something for us nerdy types to do on the weekends. Here are some great ideas for things that nerds can do this weekend!

Attend a comic book convention

Comic books and nerd culture is huge right now in popular culture, which means you won’t be the only one at the comic book convention! Find out if your city has one and attend it this weekend. You’ll get to see some of your favorite superhero costumes up close – not to mention meet fellow fans like yourself!

Play board games with friends

There are plenty of different board games out there, so find one that you think your friends would enjoy. If they’re not into it, then try a different game! You’ll all have fun and create memories together.

Attend the opening night of the new Star Wars

The Force Awakens movie: It’s been years since we’ve seen any movies in this franchise (and with how popular Star Wars is right now, I’m sure tons of nerds are dying to see Episode VII!), so go out and be among the first people in line for Opening Night tonight on December 17th. This will be an event worth remembering – plus if there are no seats available when you get there, just make some super nerdy friends while waiting outside!

Play video games with friends

Video games are a form of art, and it’s always fun to play them with other people! This weekend try playing some different video game genres like RPG or open-world. You’ll have an incredible time while also making new nerd connections – who knows? Maybe you might find the love of your life this way too!

Read comics in public places

Comic book stores can be hard for nerds to go into because all the other nerdy types that are there make us feel uncomfortable. One great idea is to bring along a stack of comic books with you when going out shopping or simply just walking around town. When somebody asks what they’re about, then tell them about how much they mean to you and why these characters are so special!

Go see a science fiction movie

This is one of the most popular genres amongst nerds. If you’ve been neglecting this genre, then go out and watch some movies like Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings trilogy – they’re both classics that all geeks should enjoy. Science fiction’s popularity has only increased over time with things like Marvel and DC comics (the two comic book giants), as well as other TV shows on Netflix like Stranger Things. There’s never been a better time to get into it if you haven’t already!

Watch your favorite anime series from start to finish

Anime is one of those nerdy mediums that people who don’t normally identify with being “nerdy” still enjoy, so get started on your favorite anime series this weekend. If you’ve never seen one before, start with the classic Dragon Ball Z!

Host a game night

Whether it’s board games or video games – host a gaming event at your house and invite all of your friends over for an evening of fun. You can make specific invitations about what type of game people want to play too (so if there are gamers that only like competitive multiplayer shooters in attendance, they’re not going to feel left out).

Get some new nerd swag

It’s always nice to have something nerdy related as decoration around the house or just wear it proudly outside sometimes; so go buy some merch at your favorite store or online. There are a lot of different things that nerds can buy; so find something you like and get it this weekend!

Host an anime marathon

Anime is one of those nerdy mediums that people who don’t normally identify with being “nerdy” still enjoy, so go watch your favorite series for 12 hours straight this Saturday (or spread out the marathon over two days). Like watching movies in theaters, marathons can be really intense – but totally worth it once they’re done!

Make some new friends

If there’s anything we all need to do more often then getting into arguments on social media about politics or religion, I think it would be making new friendships. Whether you meet someone at a comic book convention or just see their profile on Meetup.com, the weekend is perfect to get out there and make some new friends!

Host an epic game night

Tell all of your nerdy friends about it ahead of time (by text, Facebook event invitations, etc.), then host a gaming party that will go down in history. Invite people over who live close by – this way everyone can walk home afterwards too instead of driving drunk like they might if the party was hosted somewhere farther away from their house. Make sure there are food and drinks available for guests as well so they don’t need to leave early either!

Go geocaching with family

Geocaching is a fun way to explore different places in your area while interacting with other people. Plus, geocaches usually have items hidden inside of them for you to take home (or leave for the next person). It’s like finding Easter eggs out in nature! If you’re not into that though, try urban exploration or even some scavenger hunts around town instead – there are tons of great options available so go find one this weekend and enjoy yourself.

Design a LEGO set

Designing your own LEGO set can be a great way to spend some time on the weekend. It’s especially helpful if you have kids who love to play with LEGO blocks. Just take an afternoon and get creative with it! Draw up a few different designs and then see which one your kids prefer the most.

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