Different Types of Network Services

Internet users rely on many different types of network services. The purpose for each type is to help the internet function, and in turn, allow information to be exchanged between devices. Understanding what these types of networks are can help you identify and fix potential problems with your connection, or at least know what to look for when you need professional assistance. 

In the world of technology, there are many different terms to describe what you may not realize is happening in your computer. Network services will often be one such term used when describing software and connectivity tools that come together on a central server for distribution across all networked computers within an organization or company’s networks .

Centralize your data and simplify management with a virtualized environment. The computers are able to access shared files, utilities from one central location which saves you time in traveling back and forth between the office or home!

Four Types of Network Services

User management, printing, email, and system administration are four types of network services.

Desktop computers are commonplace in today’s work force, but they’re not used solely by employees. Client devices connected to a networked environment allow users access and distribution of data from anywhere on the globe at any given time- as long as their computer can communicate with other machines within this larger system using cables that go through routers or switches located throughout your office building!

User management

User management is the process of creating accounts for users, authenticating them and providing access to services. It can be done on an individual level or in groups like departments that require separate usernames and passwords depending on who’s using it so there are no leaks from one person onto another’s account – this way nobody has acesss everywhere all at once!

This is the ability to handle everything from user permissions and providing passwords for access. This also covers enforcing security measures so only authorized personnel can access certain computers or information.


Email is a widely used tool for communication that needs access to the Internet.According to many businesses, staff members are assigned company-specific email accounts, which requires them maintain an internal mail server and create messages on behalf of their organization

The process of sending and receiving emails requires network services, which will often include adding users as contacts, creating distribution lists, and managing email attachments such as images, videos, and other files.


Shared printing services are a great way for organizations of all sizes to save on expensive equipment. All users can submit their print jobs when they need them, without needing individual printers at each desk.

The ability to print from anywhere is a network service that can be accessed through a web portal or application that will allow the user to send documents, images, and other data for printing. 

System administration

Includes the maintenance of servers as well as updating software so all computers have access to the latest versions. The management of updates, upgrades, and patches are also included in this type of service which controls how updates happen across a computer network. These services often work hand-in-hand with User Management Services because system administrators need permission from users before carrying out an update on their computer.

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