Types of Banner Ads

Banner ads are a form of advertising that has been around for a long time. They typically take up the entire screen, and have an image or text on them that is designed to catch your eye and convince you to click on it. Banner ads can be seen all over the internet – some websites even use them as their main source of income.

Why is banner ads used?

  • To attract your attention, banner ads usually use an image or text that is designed to stand out from the page. They might have bright, flashy colors; a lot of movement in them; and/or be very large so they take up much more real estate on the screen than other parts of the web page you’re looking at.
  • In some cases, banners can actually look like buttons instead of images! This makes it seem like clicking on them gives you something valuable such as taking a survey for a chance to win $500 – but really all this does is redirects you somewhere else without giving anything back in return.

Types of Banner Ads

There used to be 3 type of banner ads. However, Flash is already a history.

Two main types of banner ads are:

  • Text ads – This kind of banner is the simplest and most common. It has text that usually says something like “Sign Up Now! Your Name Goes Here for Free” or “Your Price Range Is.” They’re also sometimes called self-service ad, because they allow people to click on them without having to go through any hassle with customer service or sales representatives. Clicking on one opens up an email form where someone can enter their name and other basic information – then all it takes is hitting send and voila! You’ve just signed up for whatever it was the company wanted from you in the first place!
  • Animated GIFs/Video Ads – This is a more recent development, and it’s the kind of banner you’re seeing everywhere now. They come in all shapes and sizes – but they have one thing in common: If there’s an animation, they generally run automatically once someone loads up the page or scrolls over them.

Banner ads can also appear in a popup or pop under:

  • A pop under is when a popup opens up unexpectedly while you’re browsing other sites on the web
  • A popup takes place when something like this pops out from another site to cover your current window with whatever ad content it has.

One way or another, both methods forcibly bring some website into view so people can’t escape easily without closing the window.

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