What is Caps Lock?

Caps Lock is a key on your keyboard that you can use to capitalize all of the letters in whatever you type. It’s also sometimes called “caps lock mode” or just “caps.” You activate caps lock by pressing and holding down the Caps Lock key, which typically sits next to other modifier keys like Shift, Control, and Alt. Pressing this key once will only capitalize the first letter in each word; but if you press it again while it’s still held down, then all letters will be capitalized until you release it.

How to turn Caps Lock on and off

Press the “Caps Lock” key to turn it on, or press and hold down the “Shift,” and then release before you hit any other keys. To turn it off, just tap that same Caps Lock key once again. If you are using a Mac with an older keyboard (without arrow keys), there is also a caps lock button next to an up-arrow symbol that will toggle caps lock between on and off modes.

On mobile, you can hold key or tap twice on the Shift key to type Capitalized characters.

How to know if Caps Lock is on?

The “Caps Lock” light will be on when it’s on, and off if not. If you’re using a Mac with an older keyboard (without arrow keys), there is also a caps lock button next to the up-arrow symbol that will toggle Caps Lock status between On or Off modes.

On mobile devices, your letters should automatically change back from capitalized to lowercase as soon as you stop holding down key or tapping twice on Shift key.

If any of these don’t work for you and you are sure Caps Lock is still enabled in your computer settings, try rebooting your machine before trying anything else!

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