Different Types of Electric Fans

It’s summer and your home is hot. There are many different types of electric fans to choose from, but which one will work best for you? Before you go out and buy a fan blindly, read this article to learn about the different types of fans available. Find out how much power each type has, what size they come in, their pros and cons as well as tips on where to place them in your home. Armed with this knowledge it should be easy to find the perfect fan for you!

6 Different Types of Electric Fans

Floor Fans

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Floor Fans are a great choice in a smaller house or apartment. A Floor Fan can easily cool down an entire room when you put it on the ground or on low-height surfaces.


1) Moves a lot of air – It is easier to cool down a room with a Floor Fan because they have a lot of power.

2) Cheap and easy to install – They are the cheapest fan and the easiest to install. You simply plug it in and turn it on.

3) Quieter than other fans- The blades move, but the noise is very minimal. They’re suitable for bedrooms and offices where you want peace and quiet.


1) Not as powerful as tower fans – You can’t find very powerful models.

2) Cannot cool large rooms – They are not suitable for large rooms because they do not have enough power to cool down a big area.

3) No oscillation feature – Since it’s floor standing it doesn’t oscillate, so you’ll need at least two of them to cool down even a small room.

Desk Fans

Desk fan is perfect for any office space or bedroom where you want some extra airflow by your side. The fan blades are smaller than that of Floor Fans, which means they are more energy-efficient and also move less noise into the air. Most Desk Fans come with the only one-speed setting, but there are some models out there with multiple speeds.


1) Can cool the air around you- The blades are smaller than other fans, which means they can’t really circulate air to other parts of a room. This makes them perfect for cooling the area around you without disrupting others.

2) More portable – With their compact size, it’s easy to pick up and carry around where ever you need some extra airflow. They don’t take up too much space if stored away when not in use.

3) Quieter than floor standing fans- You still get powerful fans but without so much noise. That means your sleeping experience will be undisturbed by the hum of your fan!


1) Cannot cool rooms – Just like Floor Fans, Desk Fans cannot cool down large rooms.

2) More expensive than floor fans – Since it’s more powerful, it comes with a higher price tag.

3) Limited features- Most models come with only a one-speed setting and no other features like oscillation or remote controls. They are also smaller than Floor Fans, which means you can’t put up bigger objects on top of them without the risk of toppling over.

Tower Fans

In terms of versatility and power, Tower Fans have to be my personal favourite type of fan! The blades are covered in a cage that is adjustable depending on your preferred airflow direction. On some models there is an option to turn off the front grill so you can direct airflow upwards for cooling down your entire ceiling. The fan blades are very quiet and the air is circulated throughout the whole room, making it a great choice for large rooms or an entire house. You can find models with remote controls, timers and even ionizers to remove allergens from the air!


1) Can cool multiple rooms – With oscillation and strong airflow, Tower Fans can easily cool down a whole apartment and all of its inhabitants in one go. You can use them in any room you want since positioning is not an issue.

2) Very powerful – There are many different types of tower fans that have their own special features. For example, there are salt-crystal ionizer fans that purify the air at night without disrupting sleep, and some that even have a humidifier.

3) Very quiet – It’s as quiet as Desk Fans, but bigger and with the option to adjust the airflow direction.

4) Multi-functional – They can also be used as a regular desk fan for those hot office days! Just remove the oscillation function and you’ll get more powerful airflow on one side than on both sides combined.


1) Cannot cool large rooms – Since it doesn’t move from side to side, Tower Fans cannot fully circulate air in a big area. You will need at least two fans to cool down most of your room.

2) Expensive – Due to its versatility, power, and capacity it comes with a higher price tag.

3) Needs space – The size of the fan may deter some customers, but it allows for great airflow. It needs more room since it oscillates from left to right, so don’t even think about putting one in your small apartment bathroom!

Pedestal Fan

A Pedestal Fan gets its name from the fact that it comes on top of a pedestal base – sometimes with wheels so you can move it around easily. It’s bigger than Desk Fans and Tower Fans, but without an oscillating function, they are not able to fully cool down a whole room or house. You can have them in the corner of your office space or place them in front of you while, either way, their huge blades will give you a cool breeze.


1) Powerful airflow – You won’t be disappointed by the cooling power of Pedestal Fans, as they can move huge amounts of air with ease. But because their blades are so big, there is a loud hum that goes along with them! It’s great for keeping you cool while working on something important, but not very suitable if you want to sleep at night or have a conversation next to it.

2) Very stable – Because it comes with a heavy base and long legs, the risk of tipping over is minimal. You can place objects from thick magazines to wine glasses on top without worrying about it falling down! It also stands still in high winds since its low center of gravity prevents it from toppling over.

3) Easy to maneuver – You can easily move it around with its wheel system and adjustable height settings, which is great if you want to keep cool while playing your favorite board game with friends!


1) Cannot oscillate – The lack of oscillation makes it unable to circulate air in a big room or house. Without the ability to spin 360 degrees, your airflow will be blasted in one direction and won’t create a cooling breeze throughout the whole space.

2) Noisy – Since it has such large blades and high-velocity motors, noise is inevitable and may not be suitable for sleeping or quiet work environments.

3) Expensive – This one is pricier than Desk Fans and Tower Fans, but has a larger motor and blades, which make it more powerful.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are mounted at the ceiling and use the room’s heating system to move air down to the ground. They come in small, medium, and large sizes.


They create a cooling breeze that is great for areas that don’t have air conditioning.


The large size will take up valuable floor space because you can’t stand them up on the ground.

Misting Fans

A Misting Fan is very different from other fans listed here, as it doesn’t blow air fast or cool you down. Instead, it uses water to create a small water mist that covers the area around the fan.


1) No noise – Unlike regular fans that can get really loud, Misting Fans are quiet and peaceful to have in your living space due to their minimal sound production.

2) Water mist – The mister does a good job of cooling you down while also covering a large area with a refreshing wet layer.

3) Portable – They come in various designs and shapes so there’s one out there for all! Plus they’re portable enough to carry around on road trips or camping trips.


1) Low power – The lack of airflow makes it difficult to use as a primary cooling method. It can still give you minor relief if you’re feeling hot and sweaty, however!

2) Cannot oscillate – Without the ability to rotate around in full circles, the mist will stay in one place. This might make it difficult for people sitting at desks or working on their laptops to enjoy its benefits.

3) Noisy – Because it has moving parts and needs water refills, noise is not out of the question. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this issue since you cannot contain or control the sound coming from its motor without muffling materials such as blankets and pillows.

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