4 Most Secure Email Providers

When you are trying to have an online home-based business, you will undoubtedly receive many emails from those who are trying to promote various products. Among these will perhaps be scam offers from unscrupulous individuals trying to earn money. Email providers often filter those out. There are many email providers available that it can be hard to know which one will best suit your needs. Below are some of the most secure email providers today. 


This email provider is all about the safety of the user. Even if the interface seems old, the system is updated on a regular basis while the email security stands out from the rest. This email provider provides end to end encryption between the receiver and the sender and makes use of OpenPGP, thus email messages are safe. It also utilized diskless data servers so that no one can write or read anything send in the servers. This email provider is honest and open about how the system functions and always available to show everyone how to secure the system is. The subscription fee is $29 for six months, while a one-year subscription is $49. 

Notable Features

  • Lets for the alteration of diverse settings 
  • Support IMAP
  • Integrated with password manager for extra safety 
  • It doesn’t keep IP address logs 
  • Available for iOS and Desktop 
  • It also supports email filters 


This is considered the securest email providers today. It does not just offer secure email messaging but also provides users the capability to fast setup. This app also assures that you are safe from scammers. Signing up is easy and fast, and it offers built-in security for the protection of the user against snooping eyes and scammers as well. 

Notable Features

  • You are able to send encrypted messages that do not utilize ProtonMail
  • Messages are encrypted end to end 
  • Self-destruct features 
  • A better and improved web interface 
  • Dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Open source email service 


Another popular, secure email service provider that concentrates on offering clients the safest and the best experience is Tutanota. It has an array of features. Although open-source, Tutanota offers private users with a platform exclusively for their email. They offer immaculate security, and most of all, the subscription fee is low. 

Notable Features

  • Supports any browser 
  • Free for personal user 
  • Compatible to Android and iOS 
  • Messages a day is limitless 
  • The account began at $1.50 a month, which makes it the cheapest service provider 
  • Expand cloud storage as well as user count


This is also a remarkable secure email service provider with years of experience. They keep the email safe and locked behind groundbreaking methods. 

It has a user-friendly interface, the design is very simple, and the privacy protection is top-notch.

Notable Features 

  • Send messages encrypted to other users 
  • Easy to use interface
  • Offers an array of domains when you make an account 


With regards to privacy, ensure to deal with a secure email service that assures security as well as anonymity. All the service providers mentioned works well than Yahoo, Outlook, and many others. Just use it properly to maximize its perks. 

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