What Tablet Game Controller Can Attach A 10-Inch Tablet?

If you are a fan of mobile gaming, you need a tool that will allow you to play on your mobile device with much ease and comfort. Since it can be hard to balance your phone with your hands alone while you concentrate on the game, game controllers are necessary. However, not every game controller can support a 7 or 10-inch tablets. Below are 3 game controllers that can hold big size tablets.

AnoKe Tablet Game Trigger

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This trigger is perfect for those who only want to hold tablet comfortably while playing game. The LR buttons and grip will help you play game better and say goodbye to finger numbness. AnoKe Trigger is compatible with shooting and battle royale games such as PUBG, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, and Critical Ops. The best thing about trigger is that there is no need for battle and power. The LR mobile triggers are sensitive to shoot and aim. The only con of this trigger is its lacking of support for certain cases.

Mad Catz L.Y.N.X.9

Check its price on Amazon
Check its price on Amazon

This game controller boasts of versatility. It is designed to be foldable and it can easily fit into your pocket. It features a keyboard with QWERTY design and mouse control. This ensures that typing those in-game messages will be very easy to do. It can even be used to double as a mobile keyboard as well. It even has built-in microphones. This is quite ideal for those calls and those internet searches that can be done through voice control.

The design is certainly leaning towards being tough and comfortable at the same time, the unit is very ergonomic in nature which makes it the ideal choice for those videos games that might reach some extended rounds. This is a good choice for people that engage a lot of mobile gaming. The only con I found about this gadget is its price which is quite high compared to others and its limited screen size support which is only up to 7″.

BEBONCOOL Wireless Gamepad

Check its price on Amazon
Check its price on Amazon

If you are looking for a game controller that is Standard HID protocol type, this is a good choice. It has a wide variety of phones and tablets that it can support and it is compatible with. Thanks to its 300 mAh battery, the unit can last about six to ten hours of playing time. This is a controller that is designed to ensure higher sensitivity as well as quicker response.

This unit has a telescopic holder. It features a lock for the table or the mobile phone. It has the Wireless connect ability to connect to any tablet by Android as well as VR headsets that are running Bluetooth 2.0 and higher. The controller is packed with handles that have antiskid rubber. The cushion is essential to ensure that there is comfortable feeling on the hand when handling it.

iPega Extendable Game Controller

Check its price on Amazon
Check its price on Amazon

iPega has quite a large range of Android game controllers. This one can hold not only a phone but also a tablet. If want to choose a cheap game controller, it is a good option. Many games and game emulators support this controller. It comes with a telescopic stand which is so perfect for those tablets that are seven to ten inches in dimension.


If you like tablet gaming, then it is about time you consider getting a game controller. With the 3 tablet controllers we provided you with above. It should be easier to take your pick now. Remember, comfort and ease and functionality are crucial.

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