Best Resources to Learn Scratch Programming for Kids

There are numerous courses that you can use to help your kid learn Scratch programming, especially if they haven’t ever done this before. This would give them a boost in their learning and they would find something that would interest them while they are learning at the same time. Keep reading on to find out best resources that you can use when it comes to your children’s Scratch programming learning.

Tutorials and Courses

Scratch 3.0 is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

If you are hoping to give your child some new knowledge, then you are going to want to consider the best courses that would help them with learning Scratch 3 programming. This will allow them to build various games and much while learning to code during their younger years.

  • Scratch Programming – Build 11 Games in Scratch 3.0 Bootcamp – You will learn to make 11 different games, including the great Arcade Arkanoid Game, the Snake Game, a Racing Car Game, a Helicopter Game and a Special Game with Elsa from Frozen.
  • Full Scratch 3.0 Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced – The course is for beginner developers and kids interested in computer programming. It offers 20 on-demand video lectures that can be streamed anywhere and anytime.
  • Create Epic Games in Scratch 3.0 – Learn to create awesome games, like a zombie shooter game, and a bonus lecture on how to create an awesome logo for your account in scratch.
  • No Code Raspberry Pi with Scratch 3.0 – This course will teach you the basic concepts of Raspberry Pi using Scratch 3 like what is coding, what is Scratch, how to use the features of Scratch 3, how to do physical computation on Raspberry Pi using Scratch programming, and how to make animations, games, and projects using Scratch and Raspberry Pi.
  • Scratch Programming Gaming for Kids & Parents – This is a highly researched STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) course introducing your kids & students to Scratch 3.0. This course is for kids 7 yrs and above, parents & teachers, and STEM trainers & educators.

Ensure that you are looking at each of these programs to see which one is going to fit the goals that you might have for your children and their education. The more you are looking at each of these courses, then the easier it will be for you to decide which one you might want to opt for.

It is vital that you are checking out some of the top courses where your children would learn Scratch programming. There are some that would let them learn while creating games and those that would work with Raspberry Pi as well. Think about what you want them to learn and how they want to learn and then decide on the right option for their needs.

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