6 Pixel Editor Apps to Create Pixel Arts on Your iPhone

Even with all the craze about HD graphics in gaming, Pixel art style still has its place in this market. There are many apps to help a designer create pixel image on the go. Following are the best iPhone pixel editor apps.


dotpict is a simple app to draw a simple pixel picture. It is a new sense of Pixel Arts painting app which features nib that’s not hidden by the finger. The work you draw always saves on auto save so you can have peace of mind creating pixel arts. Your works can easily be shared via SNS services like email or Twitter, and spread to all your friends who are hungry for art!

  • Pen tip stays away from your finger so you can see it clearly to draw.
  • It supports auto-save, undo, redo, zoom, and guideline grid.
  • Your work can be shared via email or social networks.

Pixel art editor – Dottable

Dottable has every simple feature for a pixel editor. Dottable is a pixel art making app that features simple operation and impressive quality. Using elementary drawing tools like circles, squiglies, and lines dotted with color paint to create anything from masterful works of eye candy to original paintings you want. In addition, there are professional features like layer editing, brush size adjustment, and real time transformation capabilities so that your masterpiece can always look on point! This creative dynamic is great for when you need an adorable touch-up during workday or before bedtime.

  • Layer editing
  • Various tools: Pen, Syringe, blotting out, rectangle, circle, transfer… etc
  • Animated GIF export
  • Undo, Redo
  • Color making
  • Zoom-in, Zoom-out
  • Saves
  • Setting canvas size
  • Setting the dot size of exportation
  • Rotate function
  • Selection area
  • Loading a picture for trace
  • Conversion function of a picture to pixel art.

Pixel Animator: GIF Maker

As the name suggests, you can do both cool pixel arts and turn them into animation. Pixel Animator: GIF Maker is a trusty iOS tool for editing animated GIFs. Export any of your designs as a GIF and get them shared in no time. You can also import images from the pixel art, photos or cartoon and make them animate with just a few clicks so they are always moving interesting to look at.

  • Create pixel art from scratch or based on an existing image.
  • Adjust next GIF frame picture based the previous picture.
  • Export animation as a GIF format.
  • Edit an existing GIF file.
  • Share your GIF Pixel Animation with your friends.

Pixelable – Pixel Art Editor

Pixelable has necessary functions, like layer editing, color making, and various tools.

  • Layer editing
  • Tools: pen, spuit, filling and transfer
  • Undo and redo
  • Animated GIF export
  • Color making
  • Pinch in and pinch out
  • Setting canvas size
  • Setting a exporting pixel size
  • Reflection function

Pixaki – Pixel art studio

Pixaki is a powerful pixel art creation studio suitable for iPad. You can find many features and tools like a desktop’s pixel editor. The tool includes custom canvas sizes, layers, animation, precise color selection, and customizable palette. It can export your work to various image formats such as Photoshop PSD, GIF, PNG, sprite sheets.

BitDraw – Pixel art tool 

This is a simple app that allows you to draw pixel by pixel images and share them with your friends.

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