Online Courses and Tutorials to Learn Public Speaking for Free

Public speaking is a specific field; on one hand, it causes anxiety and fear amongst a high number of population. This can also bring great emotional fulfillment to people who master it. Therefore, it is hard for most; however, it can bring completion for people who are willing to the work of leaning it.

If you want to excel in public speaking but don’t have the resources to avail online courses and tutorials, the good news is that there is a place where you can enhance your skills in public speaking without spending any amount. So, here they are!

Introduction to Public Speaking by University of Washington

Dr. Matt McGarrity, an instructor from the University of Washington, guides learners in a ten-week tutorial intended to help you communicate your ideas verbally in a clear manner. From making unprepared speeches to mastering the process of preparing a speech to give persuasive and informative speeches efficiently, his course is a deep dive into public speaking knowledge for experts of all types.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes

Lloyd provides a free 6-week course online, delivered to participant’s email inboxes. Every lesson concentrate on one excellence shared by the best and most excellent public speakers in the world, with instruction and advice on how to build up that excellence in you. He emphasized brevity with a brief written lesson as well as a video for every part.

University of Houston: Fundamental of Public Speaking Lessons

University of Houston professor Deborah Bridges shares her twelve-minute lecture in titled Fundamentals of Public Speaking, which has been watched 16,000 times. Intended as an online learning course, this is a series of lessons available for free on YouTube.

Public Speaking Course by Saylor’s Academy COMM101

This is the best lesson for people wanting to develop public speaking skills with the proper understanding of the beliefs and hypothesis behind efficient verbal communications. This lesson is intended around the manual Stand Up, Speak- The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking. You can download it for free.

The Public Speaking Project

This is a collection of online tools that can help you get your skills in public speaking better. This is offered by speech experts who are committed to providing free and reasonable instructional materials. There is an e-book manual on the public for speaking for free, an online classroom with lectures on writing speech and delivery, as well as interactive activities to assist in boosting your skills in public speaking.

The Accidental Communicator Blog

Jim Anderson shared his years of experience and skill from spending the last twenty-five years training as well as coaching public speakers in his blogs, which is The Accidental Communicator. Jim’s advice usually focuses on the idea that great skill can be opened by the improvement of speaking and communication skills. 

Give Amazing Presentations & Enjoy Public Speaking! on Udemy

Udemy is a video-based learning stage that offers remarkable courses in public speaking for free by Prof. Chris Haroun, renowned venture capitalist, author as well as business tool professor. In his lesson, he analyzes remarkable speeches by Meryl Streep, Ronald Reagan, and Steve Jobs in short videos. This allows you to witness the power of extraordinary speaking knowledge in action.


No one is born with courage and self-confidence; this particularly true when it comes to public speaking. But, learning can help you boost your confidence and courage to speak in front of the public. These places for learning public speaking can help you obtained that courage and confidence. 

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