How to Fix a Microphone Not Working on Windows 10

Do you have problems using your microphone on Windows 10?   Then, let this guide help you solve the problem. You need to look on a few troubleshooting steps so that you can use your microphone.  But before the troubleshooting process, you need to find the microphone brand and model. It allows you to research about other problem of the microphone that you don’t know.

So, are you ready to follow the systematic guide in this article?  You can start fixing your microphone by doing the following steps:

Check the Microphone Connection

If a microphone isn’t recognized on Windows, then the problem might be on the connection. You can do the following options for you to solve the problem.

  • Unplug the microphone on the computer and plug it back. You would hear a sound that’s a sign that Windows has recognized a device. But if you don’t hear any sound, you open the Start Menu and Search for Device Manager. Then, you select the option that appears on the screen.
  • Next, you click the audio inputs and output function that you see on the Device Manager.  You can see your microphone there if it’s plugged in. You repeat the first option if you don’t see the microphone sign.
  • If the second option doesn’t work you plug the microphone on a different USB port. 

For example, if the last option doesn’t work, you use a new cable for the microphone. It would also be best to send the microphone in a repair expert.

Consider If Drivers Are Required

Another step you can do is to check the Driver on your computer. You right click the microphone and click Properties option. Then, you click the Driver tab and the Update Drive selection.  Next, you search for the updated driver.

If you don’t see the microphone on the Driver, you search the microphone in Google. You check if the microphone providers have drivers on their website. 

Sound Preferences Might Help

You already know that Windows has its audio devices that you can see on Default.  You need to check and adjust these devices so that you locate the microphone.

  • Open the Start  Menu
  • Go to Audio
  • Select the Manage Audio Devices

Then, you select the Recording tab and search for the microphone you would use.  Right-click the microphone and then click the Enable option.

Disable the Hands-Free Mode on Bluetooth Devices  

The hands-free mode might be the reason why the microphone doesn’t work on Windows. You make that the hands-free mode is disabled. You follow the following steps:

  • Open Start Menu
  • Go to the Manage Audio Devices
  • Right-click the hands-free Bluetooth devices then you click Disable option.

Check the Sound Settings of Apps You’re Using

Okay, you might be comfortable not to check the audio setting of the voice communication apps you have on Windows.  Well, it’s time to check those settings right now.  Why?  The voice apps have its controls while the audio devices run on default.

Check the App Permissions

Most apps have access to certain permissions on your computer. One of the permissions apps might select the microphone. It’s best to allow the apps to access the microphone so that you can use it.

Here are the following steps you need to follow to enable the permission:

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Then, search  for microphone privacy settings
  • Last, you select “On” on the apps that allow apps to access the microphone.

Now that you know these troubleshooting steps, you can start to use your microphone easily. You can enjoy using your microphone on Windows without any hassle.  You can feel comfort and satisfaction in using your microphone by using these steps.

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