What is Figma? Is it free? Useful Hotkeys to boost productivity

Figma is one of the most popular online tools for interface design. It has the same functionality and features as Sketch, but Figma is better for team collaboration. Using Figma, your design process is not only more simple, but it is also more effective and efficient. Developers and designers can use Figma to make different types of templates such as website, mobile, flyer templates.

So what is Figma and its features? Let’s learn more about it in this article.

You can use Figma on any platform

Why is Figma a useful tool for developers?

Figma can be used on any platform

No matter what operating system you are using, Figma works well on them as long as they run a web browser. For example, you can run different operating systems such as Macs, Linux, Windows PCs, or Chromebooks with Figma and its files can be shared, opened, and edited.

Because of this universal nature, Figma makes PNG-pong less annoying, which means you won’t have a problem when updated images are bounced back and forth.

Figma is simple to collaborate

Figma allows your teams to collaborate in an easy way. Similar to Google Docs, it represents the people who view and edit a file as circular avatars in the top. You can also track what a person does easily because everyone has a named cursor. When you click on someone else’s avatar, you know what they are viewing at the time.

With this feature, Figma lets a design lead open a shared file to check and see what the team is designing in real time. In case a designer misinterprets the brief or user story by any chance, the design lead can intervene and correct the course. As a result, the design team could save a lot of working hours. Meanwhile, if you use Sketch, you can’t tell if the designers are going astray immediately.

Figma allows for easy team collaboration

As a team lead, this feature definitely benefits him. However, if you don’t want to have someone spy on you while working, you might not want to use Figma. In general, most designers quickly adapt to working in a shared environment.

Figma uses Slack for team communication

The communication channel of Figma is Slack. So whenever there is any comments or design edits made in Figma, they are “slacked” to the entire team. It might not be ideal when designing live because a Figma file will update every change instantly where the file is embedded, which can cause headaches for developers.

Figma allows for flexible sharings

Using Figma, developers can share any file, page, or frame easily. After you create a shared link to a frame on a page, anyone who clicks on that link will open a browser version of Figma, and it will load a zoomed-in view of the frame.

Hopefully you have had your answer to the question “what is Figma?” As you can see, Figma is a great alternative to Sketch. After using this online collaboration tool for a while, you will clearly see its benefits. Figma keeps your teams on task and disciplined. Not to mention, Figma is easy to use and anyone can comfortably use this platform, so your design teams can be able to share work and libraries quickly.

Is Figma free?

Yes, Figma is free but with limited features. Besides the free package, it also offers other packages with better features.

Figma Hotkeys

Zoom Out
+Zoom In
Alt+double+clickCrop Image
Alt+dragResize from Center
Alt+dragDuplicate Selection
CAdd/Show Comments
Ctrl+[Send Backward
Ctrl+]Bring Forward
Ctrl+Alt+CCopy Properties
Ctrl+Alt+SSave to Version History
Ctrl+Alt+VPaste Properties
Ctrl+Alt+YPixel Preview
Ctrl+clickDeep Select
Ctrl+EFlatten Selection
Ctrl+GGroup Selection
Ctrl+right-clickSelect Layer Menu
Ctrl+Shift+[Send to Back
Ctrl+Shift+]Bring to Front
Ctrl+Shift+3Show Outlines
Ctrl+Shift+GUngroup Selection
Ctrl+Shift+HShow/Hide Selection
Ctrl+Shift+KPlace Image
Ctrl+Shift+LLock/Unlock Selection
Ctrl+Shift+OOutline Stroke
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste Over Selection
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste and Match Style
IPick Color
Shift+0Zoom to 100%
Shift+1Zoom to Fit

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