Best Smart TV Brands

A Smart TV, also known as a connected TV (CTV), is an internet-connect television set which allows users to browse the internet and stream music and videos. They are mostly used to download on-demand content from apps like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Netflix, and more.

It is hard to find traditional TV nowadays. Most new ones are now smart. High-end TVs now support voice control. And some support motion control.

Best Smart TV Brands


Sony is known for some of the best combos of audio and video. The OLED sets are simply stunning. The smart experience is not to be ignored either, especially as the brand’s smart TVs often come with built in assistants and browsers.


Samsung’s smart TVs have seriously evolved over the past years. The brand is now among the front runners in terms of innovation. Sure, innovation is not cheap, but the best part is you can find products in all price segments.


Hisense smart TVs are built with innovation in mind. The brand is better known for its incredibly sharp images though. The color balance leaves no room for mistakes, while the built in integration for Android, Roku and Vidaa takes everything to another level.


Whether you are after a high end OLED TV or an accessible NanoCell model, LG is the company you want to be with The webOS platform in smart TVs is simply flawless. While not a general rule, most sets come with virtual assistants as well.


Vizio is your primary choice if you are after value for money. Unless you want to give an arm for a high end TV set, Vizio will bring in entry level smart TVs with amazing picture quality. There are no bells and whistles though.

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