5 Best Piggy Banks for Kids in 2024

When it comes to saving money, kids of all ages have a lot of opportunities to learn how important it is. Children can start by learning the value of their allowance and then move on to earning extra cash through chores or other tasks. Once they’ve saved up enough, they might want a piggy bank that’s just for them! In this post, we will introduce 5 of the best ones we found for kids.

Piggy banks are a great way to teach children about saving money. You can start simple with fun piggy bank that is just for them! If they see your child’s own personal piggy bank, it could motivate them more and help build habits of good savings practices when they grow up.

What to Look For in a Piggy Bank for Your Kids?

When it comes to something your kids might be carrying with them every day, you want the best one. But what makes a good piggy bank for kids? Here’s a rundown of features to look for in any great little piggy:

Size – A large enough size that they can fill up and save coins without feeling cramped or embarrassed is important. Preferably around 12 inches tall, but if you have small hands then anything from six inches upwards should suffice.

Shape – If possible, find a shape like an animal or another recognizable figure instead of just round circles which tends not to encourage saving as much money. A Superhero piggy bank will not only keep their coins safe but also make it so your kids doesn’t have to worry about the super villain coming in and stealing their allowance every time mom or dad turns away!

Texture – Smooth surfaces are more inviting than bumpy ones and children will want to reach out and avoid hurting themselves.

ColorBright colors such as pink, blue and green should be available in your choice of shapes. If you need a darker color like black or purple to match the rest of their décor then that is just fine too!

Price – Piggy banks don’t always have to be expensive for them to work well. You can find some great deals on Amazon by clicking here if you are looking for something more budget-friendly.

5 Best Piggy Banks for Kids

Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls

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This adorable piggy bank is made of high quality ceramic dolomite and beautiful glazed. Kids will love filling up their new gift with all the coins they collect from relatives, friends, grandma’s house, or for doing chores!

When the pig is full you can’t deny she’ll have a shiny happy smile right back at you even as her belly swells with your savings. The 1 ½ inch coin slot makes it comfortable to load pennies and nickels without having to rummage through your pocket change while the removable rubber stopper allows kids to store quarters and other larger coins if necessary.

Whether your little girl has just been baptized or is celebrating her first birthday this cute porcine pal comes in handy when teaching that cash-in-hand lesson of saving for the future.

Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank

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The Burton and Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank, handcrafted in the USA with imported materials, is a fun place to stow your dough.

Not only does this adorable piggy bank come with its own dry erase pen for creative DIY personalization options, it also features an adorable bow on top of his head.

Fun accent piece or piggy bank at home, it measures 7″ high x 6″ wide x 7.75″ deep.

Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank Pink

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A perfect addition to any space, the Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank Pink is an adorable way to save your hard-earned money.

Measuring 7.50″ across and with a slot in his back for easy accessibility, this happy piggy bank will surely make saving money fun!

Available in pink vinyl finish that’s sure to stand out against most other decor and no need for batteries or electricity means this little guy can go anywhere you like – just set him on your desk at work or brighten up a bookshelf at home.

Give one as a gift or keep them all for yourself – either way you’ll be smiling when saving from here on out!

UPD Marvel Captain America Ceramic Coin Bank

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People love Captain America and this adorable coin bank guarantees you’ll be crushing on it too. Modeled after one of our favorite Marvel superheroes, this ceramic coin bank is light weight and sturdy as well as tough enough to continue safeguarding your loose change!

With a handy slot for depositing coins and the included stopper to collect the ones already stored inside, there will never be any excuses to not have a penny left behind which is why this little guy was made with incredible attention to detail – a perfect sculptural representation of his determination and bravery!

That’s what makes him more than just an ordinary two dimensional character; he has life-like details that capture all the aspects that make Captain America who he is… which in turn means we might just start to feel a little more courageous about saving our pennies now.

Adsoner Cartoon Piggy Bank

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If you’re looking for a simple and fun choice to introduce your child to the world of saving money, then our Adsoner Cartoon Piggy Bank should do the trick.

This little pig is perfect for children or adults alike, since he’s both cute and hilarious at the same time! Rest assured that this toy piggy bank won’t be eaten by roving bandits – open it up with a four digit PIN (default password: 0000) when ready.

It’s sturdy enough to stand on its own, but not so heavy that kids can’t move him around easily. And if there are more than 600 coins in his belly, take him back home where he’ll wait patiently until next time!

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