5 Best Beach Metal Detectors That Can Handle Saltwater in 2024

It’s summertime and you’re looking for a new hobby to get into. You’ve heard that metal detecting is the perfect activity that can be done both during the day or night, in all weather conditions. But how do you choose which metal detector would work best for you? We review five of our favorite beach-friendly detectors to help make your decision easier!

What I Can Find on a Beach with Metal Detectors?

If you’re interested in doing some treasure hunting on the beach, a metal detector is going to be your best friend. There are so many things that can be found out there: jewelry, coins from different countries and time periods, rings and other accessories. You’ll also find fishing hooks (which we love because they make great souvenirs!) as well as all kinds of weird metals like aluminum foil or nails!

  • Beach Detectors are perfect for finding small items that may have been lost by someone while at the beach. They aren’t good for large objects such as car keys though – if you really need help locating those then check out our list of best metal detector reviews below.
  • Most people who go metal detecting prefer either a full-size detector or a hand-held option. The advantages of the first are that it is more sensitive and can find items from further away, but as you might guess this also means they’re generally heavier which may not be so great for people who want to spend all day on the beach.
  • Hand held detectors work well because they’re lightweight so your arm doesn’t get tired after hours of cradling one in your hands (or if you need both arms to do other things). They typically have a smaller search field than larger metal detectors though, meaning that while these will find most small objects within their range, large pieces like car keys won’t always show up.

5 Best Beach Metal Detectors

RM Ricomax Metal Detector

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The metal detector from RM Ricomax can handle all kinds of metals, from relics and jewelry to ancient coins. It can detect copper, gold, silver and many other metals. The disc mode allows beeping to let you know that metals are around – even after you have passed them. The signal gets stronger with the distance.

The unit has a modern IP68 waterproof coil, so it can handle saltwater as well. It has eight inches in diameter and can find metals up to eight inches underground – suitable for beaches, streams or riversides. The unit is easy to operate and lightweight – just under 2.4 pounds.

Avid Power Metal Detector

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Being able to stay waterproof up to 65 feet underwater, this unit allows you to explore lakes, the ocean, ponds and the beach as well. Since it can go underwater, it is also suitable for saltwater applications. There are three modes to choose from, based on the environment you are in.

Scanning capabilities stand out in the crowd. You have an incredible 360 degree scanning power that will locate any metallic element with incredible accuracy. Given its compact size, the unit can also go into tight places where traditional metal detectors cannot go. It will also memorize settings and has an automatic shutoff function.

VVinRC TM750

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The fully waterproof pinpointer allows scanning all kinds of areas, from beaches and streams to lakes and ponds. The same waterproof profile makes this unit suitable for saltwater environments, so it can handle some splashing too – it is recommended to clean it after though.

The metal detector is safe and sealed and can also be taken underwater – down to 100 feet. It has stainless steel hardware and a built in low battery sensor. As you come closer to metallic things, the pulses and vibration will increase. A red light will also indicate metallic things.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

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Weighing less than four pounds and bringing in a rugged construction, the TK4 Tracker IV unit will not let you down. It can detect metals in extreme conditions and can even take some good splashes – both freshwater and saltwater.

You have an all metal mode, as well as a discrimination mode. The two tone audio mode is not to be overlooked either. A preset ground balance ignores the response to mineral stuff from the ground. You can also use the notch control to ignore unwanted metals and focus on what really matters for you.

Minelab Equinox 600 Multi-IQ Metal Detector

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While it may look sleek and elegant, the truth is Equinox 600 is rugged and lightweight. It can go anywhere – you can enjoy long detecting sessions in saltwater, over beaches or rough terrains. It is fully submersible, but only up to 10 feet in depth. You should still rinse it if you use it in saltwater.

The detector comes with an intelligent simultaneous multi-frequency technology to boost the performance, as well as numerous single frequencies. It is compatible with wireless audio too – Bluetooth headphones. There are six different searching profiles – two of them are custom, so you can save your settings.

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