What is Firefox?

There are many options for web browsers, but Firefox is my personal favorite. It’s fast and user-friendly with useful features like built in ad blockers. The best part of Firefox is its addons! There are thousands of extensions to help you do anything from surf faster or save money on flights to store your passwords securely without ever typing them again. You can also turn it into a mobile browser by downloading the phone version which will work great even if you don’t have an app installed on your device yet!


  1. Firefox is open source and has a large community of users.
  2. Firefox is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that’s similar to other browsers.
  3. It’s fast – it starts up quickly and loads pages in a snap.
  4. You can customize the browser by adding or removing features you don’t need.
  5. You can sync your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and tabs across devices using one account .
  6. The new tab page gives you quick access to your favorite sites so you can get back to them easily.
  7. You can customize the look of your browser with themes or add-ons.

Quick tips:

  • Use Firefox’s built-in spell checker
  • Save web pages for offline reading
  • Add a toolbar to your browser with the most used features on it
  • Search through bookmarks and history using keywords instead of URLs
  • Create an account to sync your browsing data across multiple devices  (e.g., computer, tablet, phone)
  • Install extensions that give you more control over how you browse the internet – e.g., Adblock Plus removes ads from websites and Ghostery blocks trackers which can follow you around the internet and collect information about what sites you visit without your knowledge or permissions.
  • Add a site to your home screen for quick access
  • Drag and drop tabs to reorder them

Firefox Hotkeys


BackAlt + 
ForwardAlt + 
HomeAlt + Home
Open FileCtrl + O
Ctrl + R
Reload (override cache)Ctrl + F5
Ctrl + Shift + R

Current Page

Focus Next Link or Input FieldTab
Focus Previous Link or Input FieldShift + Tab
Go Down a ScreenPage Down
Space bar
Go Up a ScreenPage Up
Shift + Space bar
Go to Bottom of PageEnd
Ctrl + 
Go to Top of PageHome
Ctrl + 
Move to Next Frame, Pop-UpF6
Move to Previous Frame, Pop-UpShift + F6
PrintCtrl + P
Save Focused LinkAlt + Enter
Save Page AsCtrl + S
Zoom InCtrl + +
Zoom OutCtrl + 
Zoom ResetCtrl + 0


CopyCtrl + C
CutCtrl + X
Delete Word to the LeftCtrl + Backspace
Delete Word to the RightCtrl + Del
Go one Word to the LeftCtrl + 
Go one Word to the RightCtrl + 
Go to Beginning of LineHome
Ctrl + 
Go to End of LineEnd
Ctrl + 
Go to Beginning of TextCtrl + Home
Go to End of TextCtrl + End
PasteCtrl + V
Paste (as plain text)Ctrl + Shift + V
RedoCtrl + Y
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Select AllCtrl + A
UndoCtrl + Z
Find in This PageCtrl + F
Find AgainF3
Ctrl + G
Find PreviousShift + F3
Ctrl + Shift + G
Quick Find within link-text only
Quick Find/
Close the Find or Quick Find barEsc
Switch Search EngineAlt + 
Alt + 
Focus Address bar for Web Search (writes “? ” there)Ctrl + K
Ctrl + E
Focus Search barCtrl + K
Ctrl + E
Change the Default Search EngineCtrl + 
Ctrl + 
View menu to switch, add or manage search enginesAlt + 
Alt + 

Windows & Tabs

Close TabCtrl + W
Ctrl + F4
Close WindowCtrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4
Cycle through Tabs in Recently Used OrderCtrl + Tab
ExitCtrl + Shift + Q
Go one Tab to the LeftCtrl + Page Up
Ctrl + Shift + Tab*
* see below
Go one Tab to the RightCtrl + Page Down
Ctrl + Tab*
Go to Tab 1 to 8Ctrl + 1 to 8
Go to Last TabCtrl + 9
Move Tab LeftCtrl + Shift + Page Up
Move Tab RightCtrl + Shift + Page Down
Move Tab to startCtrl + Shift + Home
Move Tab to endCtrl + Shift + End
Mute/Unmute AudioCtrl + M
New TabCtrl + T
New WindowCtrl + N
New Private WindowCtrl + Shift + P
Open Address or Search in New Background TabAlt + Shift + Enter
Open Address or Search in New Foreground TabAlt + Enter
Open Address or Search in New WindowShift + Enter
Open Search in New Background TabCtrl + Enter
Open Search in New Foreground TabCtrl + Shift + Enter
Open Focused Bookmark or Link in Current TabEnter
Open Focused Bookmark in New Foreground TabCtrl + Enter
Open Focused Bookmark in New Background TabCtrl + Shift + Enter
Open Focused Link in New Background TabCtrl + Enter
(see note, below)
Open Focused Link in New Foreground TabCtrl + Shift + Enter
Open Focused Bookmark or Link in New WindowShift + Enter
Show All TabsCtrl + Shift + Tab
Undo Close TabCtrl + Shift + T
Undo Close WindowCtrl + Shift + N
Moves the URL left or right (if cursor is in the address bar)Ctrl + Shift + X


History sidebarCtrl + H
Library window (History)Ctrl + Shift + H
Clear Recent HistoryCtrl + Shift + Del


Bookmark All TabsCtrl + Shift + D
Bookmark This PageCtrl + D
Bookmarks sidebarCtrl + B
Show/hide the Bookmarks toolbarCtrl + Shift + B
Show All Bookmarks (Library Window)Ctrl + Shift + O
Show List of All BookmarksSpace
Focus Next Bookmark/Folder whose name (or sorted property) starts with a given character or character sequenceType the character or quickly type the character sequence.


Open DownloadsCtrl + J
Open Add-onsCtrl + Shift + A
Toggle Developer ToolsF12
Ctrl + Shift + I
Web ConsoleCtrl + Shift + K
InspectorCtrl + Shift + C
Take a screenshotCtrl + Shift + S
Style EditorShift + F7
ProfilerShift + F5
NetworkCtrl + Shift + E
Developer ToolbarShift + F2
Responsive Design ViewCtrl + Shift + M
ScratchpadShift + F4
Page SourceCtrl + U
Browser ConsoleCtrl + Shift + J
Page InfoCtrl + I

PDF Viewer

Next pageN or J or 
Previous pageP or K or 
Zoom inCtrl + +
Zoom outCtrl + 
Automatic ZoomCtrl + 0
Rotate the document clockwiseR
Rotate counterclockwiseShift + R
Switch to Presentation ModeCtrl + Alt + P
Choose Text Selection ToolS
Choose Hand ToolH
Focus the Page Number input boxCtrl + Alt + G


Complete .com AddressCtrl + Enter
Delete Selected Autocomplete EntryShift + Del
Toggle Full ScreenF11
Toggle Menu Bar activation (showing it temporarily when hidden)Alt or F10
Toggle Reader ModeF9
Caret BrowsingF7
Focus Address BarF6
Alt + D
Ctrl + L
Focus Search Field in LibraryF6
Ctrl + F
Stop Autoscroll ModeEsc
Cancel Drag-and-Drop OperationEsc
Clear Search Field in Library or SidebarEsc
Close a MenuEsc
Toggle Context MenuShift + F10

Media shortcuts

Toggle Play / PauseSpace bar
Decrease volume
Increase volume
Mute audioCtrl + 
Unmute audioCtrl + 
Seek back 15 seconds
Seek back 10 %Ctrl + 
Seek forward 15 seconds
Seek forward 10 %Ctrl + 
Seek to the beginningHome
Seek to the endEnd

Selection of Multiple Tabs

Select left, right, first or last tab. Deselect all other tabs.Arrow Keys
Move the dotted rectangle to left, right, first or last tab.Ctrl + Arrow Keys
Ctrl + Home
Ctrl + End
Select or deselect the tab with the dotted rectangle. The other tabs stay selected or deselected.Ctrl + Space

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