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Cinema 4D is a powerful animation and rendering software that is used by many studios around the world. It’s a great choice for beginners because it has some really powerful features, but also allows you to take your skillset further if you want to specialize in a specific area such as lighting or rigging.

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What is Cinema 4D?

Cinema 4D is a 3-dimensional graphics editor and animation program. It can be used to create visual effects, animated movies, or video games.

  1. Cinema 4D is a 3D computer graphics software for creating animations, illustrations and models.
  2. It’s used by professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, film and video game industries.
  3. The name “Cinema” comes from the word “cinematography”, which is the art or process of making motion pictures as well as their study.
  4. There are many different types of licenses available for purchase.
  5. You can use this software to create anything from architectural renderings to animated films or games.

Best Features:

  • Voronoi fracturing: It’s a really cool way to turn rocks into realistic looking stones.
  • Lattice tool: Allows you to create detailed models with just one click of the mouse by automatically generating geometry that can be manipulated and extruded easily.
  • Single Grid Array: You can use this tool to style a surface quickly. For example, you can use the tool to style bricks which creates photorealistic brick patterns for any surface out there, making it possible to model retro buildings or even entire city blocks in less time than most people could do on their own without it.
  • TurbulenceFD Integration: TurbulenceFD is a unique method of creating realistic smoke simulations which works similarly to how fluid dynamics functions in real life–by modeling fractionsal differential equations (FDEs) as linear.

Cinema 4D Hotkeys

Ctrl + NOpen new project
Ctrl + OOpen existing project
Ctrl + SSave project
Ctrl + Shift + SSave current project with specified name
Shift + WClose window or project
Ctrl + WClose window
Ctrl + Shift + WClose all projects
Ctrl + QQuit Cinema 4D Lite
Ctrl + XCut selection to clipboard
Ctrl + CCopy selection to clipboard
Ctrl + VPaste clipboard
BackspaceDelete object
Ctrl + ASelect all
Shift + AInvert current selection
Ctrl + Shift + ADeselect all
Ctrl + ZUndo
Shift + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + BOpen Render Settings
Ctrl + DOpen Project Settings
Ctrl + EOpen Preferences
Ctrl + IOpen Project Information
Shift + F1Activate Object Manager
Shift + F2Activate Materials Manager
Shift + F3Open Timeline (Dope Sheet)
Shift + F4Open Layer Manager
Shift + F5Open Attributes Manager
Shift + F6Open Picture Viewer
Shift + F7Open Coordinates Manager
Shift + F8Activate Content Browser
Shift + F9Activate Structure Manager
Shift + F10Open Console
Shift + F11Open Script Manager
Shift + F12Open Customize Commands
VOpen Heads Up Display pop-up
Move selection upward
Move selection downward
Move selection leftward
Move selection rightward
EMove hotkey
RRotate hotkey
TScale hotkey
+Zoom in
Zoom out
0Rectangle selection hotkey
1Hold to move camera
2Hold to scale camera
3Hold to rotate camera
4Hold to move object
5Hold to scale object
6Hold to rotate object
7Moves selected object only and not children
8Lasson selection hotkey
9Live selection hotkey
CConvert parametric object to polygonal object
LToggle axis modification
POpen pop-up menu
QToggle parent generator
WUse world or object coordinate system
SpaceToggles the active tool
ReturnToggle between points, edges, and polygons mode
Shift + FGo to start of animation
Shift + GGo to end of animation
Shift + MShow modeling settings in Attribute Manager
Shift + QEnable quantizing
Shift + SEnable component snapping
Shift + XToggle locked workplane
UOpen Polygon Selection pop-up
U~AAlign normals of current polygon selection
U~BSelect ring of points, edges, or polygons
U~FSelect all polygons within edge selection
U~IInvert selection
U~KShrink selection of active mode
U~LSelect a loop of points, edges, or polygons
U~OOptimize current project
U~QSelects the outline of a polygon
U~RReverse normals of current polygon selection
U~WSelect all connected components of object
U~XConvert selection to another selection
U~YGrow selection of the active mode
Alt + RActivate Interactive Render Region
Ctrl + RRender active view
Ctrl + Shift + YRedo view changes
Ctrl + Shift + ZUndo view changes
Alt + DShow axis
Alt + VConfigure all views
Shift + VConfigure views
F1Perspective view
F2XZ view
F3YZ view
F4XY view
F5All views
ARedraw view
HFrame geometry of project
OFrame selected objects of project
SFrame selected elements of project
NOpen Display pop-up
N~AView project in Gouraud Shading mode
N~BView project in Gouraud Shading mode with wireframe
N~CView project in Quick Shading mode
N~DView project in Quick Shading mode with wireframe
N~EView project in Constant Shading mode
N~FView project in Hidden Line mode with wireframe
N~GView project in wireframe only mode
N~HView project in wireframe mode
N~IView project in isoparms mode
N~KView project in box mode
N~LView project in skeleton mode
N~OUse Display tags
N~PUse Backface Culling
N~QUse textures
N~RView active objects in X-Ray
Ctrl + EOpen Timeline Preferences dialog
Ctrl + FGo to previous keyframe
Ctrl + GGo to next keyframe
Ctrl + OGo to last keyframe
Ctrl + PGo to first keyframe
Ctrl + UShow filters in Timeline
Ctrl + F9Activate automatic keyframing
Ctrl + Shift + OFrame the last marker
Ctrl + Shift + PFrame the first marker
Alt + AShow all project elements automatically
Alt + FGo to start of animation
Alt + GGo to end of animation
Alt + HFrame view to preview range
Alt + RActivate ripple tool in timeline
FGo to previous frame
GGo to next frame
OFrame view to current frame
QCreate new key
RActivate Region tool
SFrame view to all selected keys/clips
XQuantize all timeline interactions
F6Play backwards
F7Stop playback
F8Play forwards
F9Record position, scale, rotation of active objects
Shift + Alt + F3Open Timeline (F-Curve)
Shift + NFrame view to next marker
Shift + PFrame view to previous marker
TUse in Timeline panel
T~1Set selected keys to auto tangents
T~2Set selected keys to break tangents
T~3Set selected keys tangents to zero angle
T~4Set selected keys tangents to zero length
T~5Set selected keys to clamp
T~6Set selected keys to linear interpolation
T~7Set selected keys to step interpolation
T~8Set selected keys to soft interpolation type
T~9Set selected keys to Ease Ease
T~ISet selected keys to Ease In
T~OSet selected keys to Ease Out
TabChange key, f-curve or motion mode
Ctrl + FDisplay search bar in Object Manager
Ctrl + UShow filters in Object Manager
QToggle parent generator of selected object
Alt + GGroup objects
Shift + GExpand object group
AltHold to make new object parent object
ShiftHold to make new object child object
Ctrl + NCreate new material
Ctrl + Shift + OLoad material library
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate new PBR material
Ctrl + FDisplay search bar in Content Browser
CJump to Catalogs in Content Browser
DJump to Desktop in Content Browser
FJump to Favorites in Content Browser
HJump to Home in Content Browser
PJump to Presets in Content Browser
RJump to Recent Items in Content Browser
SJump to Search Results in Content Browser
UJump to Computer in Content Browser
Shift + RRender active project in Picture Viewer
Ctrl + FDisplay Picture Viewer fullscreen
ASet A image in Picture Viewer
BSet B image in Picture Viewer
FGo to previous image
GGo to next image
ISet preview range start
OSet preview range end
SSwap AB image links in Picture Viewer
SpacePlay forwards

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