The Bat! Hotkeys

The Bat! is a popular email client that has been around for more than 20 years. The latest version includes several new features that make it one of the best options out there on the market today.

Table of Contents


Hot KeyAction
General Hot Keys
Alt+XQuit The Bat!
EscClose active window
Invoking Tools
F8Address Book
F7Message Finder
Shift+Ctrl+QQuick Templates
Shift+Ctrl+SSorting Office/Filters
Working with Messages
Ctrl+NCreate new message
Ctrl+F5, Ctrl+EnterReply
Shift+Ctrl+F5Reply to all
Shift+F5, Ctrl+OForward
Ctrl+F6, Ctrl+ERedirect
Alt+F5, Ctrl+SSave to file
Alt+F6Edit as new
F4Reply quoting selected text
Shift+F4Reply without quotation
Ctrl+F4Reply to the sender
Shift+Alt+F5Alternative Forward
F9View Source
Ctrl+Alt+RightMove to next unread
Ctrl+Alt+LeftMove to previous unread
Alt+RightMove to next viewed
Alt+LeftMove to previous viewed
EnterOpen message in new window
Ctrl+CCopy message to folder
Ctrl+VMove message to folder
DelDelete message
Ctrl+UMark as unread
Ctrl+MMark as read
Ctrl+PPrint message
Ctrl+ASelect all messages
Ctrl+WAdd sender to Address Book
Shift+Ctrl+WAdd recipient to Address Book
Ctrl+BDelete sender from Address Book
Shift+Ctrl+BDelete recipient from Address Book
Ctrl+BkSpOpen reply
Shift+Ctrl+FCreate filter
Shift+Ctrl+CVerify signature
Shift+Ctrl+GDecipher and save
Ctrl+TCopy thread
Shift+Ctrl+VMove thread
Shift+Ctrl+DelDelete thread
Shift+Ctrl+MMark thread as read
Shift+Ctrl+UMark thread as unread
Using the Account
F2Get new mail
Shift+F2Send queued mail
Ctrl+F12Set access password
Shift+Ctrl+AView Log
Ctrl+F9Refresh folder list
Ctrl+F2Dispatch new messages
Sift+Ctrl+F2Dispatch all messages
Shift+Ctrl+SSorting Office/Filter settings
Shift+Ctrl+PAccount properties
Shift+Ctrl+QQuick Templates
Working with the Folder Tree
Alt+EnterFolder properties
Ctrl+MMark all messages as read
Shift+Ctrl+UpMove up
Shift+Ctrl+DownMove down
Shift+Ctrl+RightMove in
Shift+Ctrl+LeftMove out
Ctrl+RRefresh message list
Ctrl+FRefulter messages
Ctrl+DDelete message duplicates
Ctrl+BBrowse deleted messages
InsCreate new folder
Alt+InsCreate new common folder
DelDelete folder
Message Editor Hot Keys
Ctrl+EnterSend message
Alt+F2Save message as draft
Ctrl+SSave message and continue editing
Ctrl+F2Save message as…
Shift+F2Put message in queue
Ctrl+PPrint message
Ctrl+CCopy text to clipboard
Ctrl+XCut text to clipboard
Ctrl+VPaste text from clipboard
Ctrl+ASelect all
Alt+InsPaste as quote
Shift+Ctrl+InsPaste with formatting
Ctrl+FFind text
Ctrl+F7Find and replace
F3Continue search or replace
Alt+F7Reverse search
Ctlr+[Upper case
Ctrl+]Lower case
Ctrl+\Invert case
Ctrl+=Search address (forward)
Ctrl+SpaceInsert quick template
Shift+Ctrl+JJustify on autowrap
Alt+LLeft alignment
Alt+CCenter alignment
Alt+RRight alignment
Ctrl+F4Automatic spell checking
F4Check entire text
Ctrl+Q DInsert current date
Ctrl+Q TInsert current time
Ctrl+[Convert current word to upper case
Ctrl+]Convert current word to lower case
Other Hot Keys


We have compiled some of these features below to show you what makes this software so valuable for users who are looking for a reliable and secure way to send emails from their computer or mobile device. The following are some other relevant features:

  • Mail Filtering (Sieve) – Gmail users can now use their favorite email client to filter messages based on labels or keywords * Rich Text Editor – Users can now edit rich text messages and see formatting changes as they type. * Archives – The Bat! version allows users to store all of their archived emails in a single archive folder.
  • Anti-Phishing Protection – All new releases of the software include anti-phishing protection that protects against fraudulent websites posing as legitimate companies.
  • Safe OpenSSL Storage (encrypts email data with AES).
  • Attachments – attach and send any file type (e.g., PDF, JPG) to your email message.
  • Calendar Sync – synchronize The Bat! with the Windows or Mac calendar on your desktop computer.
  • Message Encryption – encrypt emails using S/MIME digital certificates.

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