Best New iOS Games

Looking for the best games for iPad, and iPhone? You’ve come to the right place. Following are the best new iOS games:

  • The Seven Deadly Sinsre you ready to enjoy dynamic combat, breathtaking animations, and a riveting story true to the original? A brand-new turn-based RPG! A novel approach to combat! A strategic combat system utilizing skill synthesis. Skills with the same star rank upgrade to a higher rank when they’re next to each other! Feel the thrill of battle with each turn in the dynamic combat system.
  • Tiny Decks & DungeonsBattle, Build and Explore! A tactical RPG with a new exciting gameplay style. Dark Towers full of monsters are appearing across the land, a young hero rebels against his family and sets out to find the cause of this evil.
  • MINImax TinyverseLead your favorite Champion to victory! In this fast-paced Real-Time Strategy, become a GOD, cast miracles and command epic battles in a MINIature world. Fight 1 on 1 with players around the world! Who will crush the other first? The fate of your MINIs is in your GOD hands.
  • Ulala: Idle AdventureWhether you’re sleeping, eating, or taking the subway – come play Ulala: Idle Adventure! Ulala is an idle MMORPG, which brings to life the excitement and adventures of the Stone Age in a fun and social way! It has an easy and addictive gameplay that will not distract from your daily life
  • Dungeon Break!A small villain may accomplish greatness, freedom is ours! The minions live in dungeon are now tired of the lords, the humble servants are now rebelling! Dash yourself out of the Dungeons you once built, try to avoid all tricky sneaky traps you set!
  • Mighty Quest For Epic LootEnter the magic lands of Opulencia: defeat the craziest foes, find epic loot and claim the King’s throne! Fight epic battles and become the mightiest Hero of all in this intense Action RPG adventure!
  • Total Party KillEach stage in Total Party Kill is its own puzzle. You’ll have to figure out how to take advantage of your party members to sole puzzles.
  • Heroic – Magic DuelAn intense strategy-driven PvP battle game for thrill-seekers and competitive types—the kind of people who roar “Bring it on!” in the face of a serious challenge.
  • Nonstop Knight 2Nonstop Knight 2 leads the way in a new era of action RPG, bringing you the full RPG experience onto mobile. It gives you the experience from classic RPG games you used to play in the past.
  • Pixel PeoplePixel People is a world building game set in an apocalyptic future. Players can create the city and the residents. The game has 150 occupants, each one suited to a special role in the city you created.
  • Apollo : A Dream OdysseyApollo is an ordinary girl who lost her dreams while coming of age. One night, a mysterious voice draws her into a strange world where colors, sound, and memories guide her to rediscovering those dreams.
  • Wild BulletsPick up your barkin’ irons and head out to the badlands! Find and loot chests in search of new powerful ammunition types and collect coins to unlock new characters or spend them on upgrades.
  • AilmentAilment is a pixel-art roguelike game which takes place on a spaceship in a faraway galaxy. The protagonist must remember what happens to the ship which makes everyone dead.
  • SiNKR 2SiNKR 2 is a minimalist puzzle game which is set in a world with just you, hooks, pucks, and various contraptions.
  • Arena of Evolution: Red TidesArena of Evolution: Red Tides is tactical RPG with more than 60 unique heroes. To defeat your enemies you have to form your lineup from a variety of professional racial collocations.
  • Evolution 2: Battle for UtopiaThe story unfolds on Planet Utopia. It was once a galaxy resort for billionaires. And now it is pure hell full of ruthless looters, monsters and fighting robots. A merciless war of all against all is raging here. You will be immersed in the world of never-ending battles where you will use the mightiest weapons and the psi-force – the power of the main character of the game, Captain Blake. He got his superpowers as a result of a dangerous experiment, and he is prepared to use them to destroy any opponent of your choice
  • Labyrinth of the WitchLabyrinth of the Witch is a simple dungeon exploration RPG that anyone can play. Players will strategically use a multitude of items to tackle ever-changing dungeons.
  • Armored GodAre you ready to step into a world full of chaos, Armored God? In this MMORPG, players will go on a journey to bring salvation to the dark world, with an action packed story and monsters around every corner.
  • Poly IslandPoly Island is the new low poly puzzle app. Players can use polygon puzzle pieces to create their own 3D artwork and bring them to life.
  • Almost Impossible! 2Almost Impossible! 2 is a side-scrolling atmospheric puzzle platformer, built specifically for iOS
  • Mindsweeper: Puzzle AdventureSoon after the Genetic Plague was released, Dr. Amy Harris successfully found a cure. Unfortunately, someone broke into the government lab, stole the formula, and infected Dr. Harris. As a mind sweeper, my job is to dive into Amy’s disappearing mind in hope of finding the formula before it is too late…
  • Monsters with Attitude – Monsters with Attitude is a multiplayer smashing game where you choose your favorite Monster and challenge other players from around the world.
  • Letters & SodasA tide sliding word game developed by Frosty Pop Games Inc.
  • Yeah Bunny 2Yeah Bunny 2 is a cute and colorful one finger platformer that lets you enter into the lovely world of tiny creatures. With a simple tap to jump mechanic optimized for modern touchscreens, Yeah Bunny 2 throws out virtual buttons and other tropes of classic platformers.
  • Stardew ValleyMove to the countryside, and cultivate a new life in this award-winning open-ended farming RPG! With over 50+ hours of gameplay content and new Mobile-specific features, such as auto-save and multiple controls options.
  • PrisonelaPrisonela – is an endless hardcore platformer in which the levels are chosen randomly! A prison sentence could never be so insane before… You will have a wild competition, where the reward will be your life!
  • Cure HuntersCure Hunters is an action-paced platformer. In the year 2078 a mysterious meteorite hit the surface of the earth. The impact caused the meteorite to release a virus which infected most of earth’s population. General “Vaccinez” quickly formed a squad of Cure Hunters who set out to find an antidote.
  • Gravity PipesRoll the ball and get it to destination. Use the anti-gravitational pipes to push the ball up, otherwise the gravity can only move it down or at the same level.
  • Super Brawl UniverseSuper Brawl Universe is an arcade action game which features characters from Nickelodeon’s all-time. Battle your way through story mode and reach the top of the Super Brawl Tournament.
  • Bistro CookIn Bistro Cook, you challenge as a master chef to show how fast you can cook and serve the dishes to customers.

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