Best 8 Chromebook Apps

Google’s decision to bring together its two operating systems, Chrome and Android, by putting Android apps on Chrome OS has allowed developers and adventurous users to use Chrome-friendly Android apps on their Chromebooks and Chromebases. Here are some of the apps that you should definitely try on your Chromebook.


This is the app you need if you have to keep tabs on multiple email accounts as CloudMagic lets you access multiple accounts inside the same application.It’s even more ideally suited for a Chromebook because Google’s Chrome OS lacks a desktop email program like Microsoft’s Outlook that lets you manage all of your email accounts.

Its interface is very simple and it works well with other apps such as Evernote and OneNote, making CloudMagic the ideal candidate to be your Chromebook’s first choice email app.


While it’s true that Evernote’s web app works very nicely, the company has made a lot of efforts in developing the Android app using Google’s Material Design. Thus, if you’re a fan of Google’s new aesthetic element and an avid Android user, this is worth a try.

The interface consistency is one of the most promising aspects of this Android app and if you’re a fan of Evernote, you’ll definitely enjoy using this app.


Vine is the perfect example of why you should try the Android version on your Chromebook even if you’re accustomed to using web versions because Vine serves up more videos in its mobile app than the web version. It’s definitely an upgrade on the web app.


Running the Android app is the only way you can use Skype on a Chromebook, so that should be reason enough. The Chrome OS offers Hangouts for voice and video calling, so you may not feel the need for Skype, but since Skype came first, that’s where most of us feel at home.


OverDrive is the app that will connect you to the libraries worldwide, so you can borrow ebooks, audiobooks and other digital content. With this Android app, you can jump right back into reading the book where you left it, so it’s the perfect solution for your reading needs.


Duolingo is quickly becoming the best app for learning new languages. It may not be able to teach you the complete language from scratch, but it can be a great help for increasing your vocabulary. Thus, using this app while you’re learning a new language can be really beneficial.


How many times has SlideShare saved you by providing you with content for your presentation? Well, now you can experience SlideShare’s 15 million slideshows in real-time with this Android app that is a social network for those who love slideshows.

Photo Editor

This isn’t the only good photo editing app available on Chrome OS, but it certainly is one of the best. It’s simple and free. You can connect the app to Google Drive and all your photos will show up for editing, although the app is only good for making minor tweaks and edits.

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