How to Turn Notifications On or Off on Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox)

Notification has been invented in recent years in order to allow a website to display information to its visitor. Its intent is good but it becomes annoying if a website overuses this feature. That’s why you need to know how to turn on/off the feature to avoid spamming.

What is notification?

Notification or Web Push Notification is a web browser’s feature which allows websites to notify their users of new content. Only websites with your approved permissions can send notifications to your browser and display them on the screen.

Turn on and off notification on Chrome

Turn on

When you visit a site which has notification feature, there will be a popup asking for your permission. Clicking on “Allow” will grant the website’s permission to send notification to your browser.

Turn off

Clicking on “No Thanks” will block notification. In case, you want to block it after accepting the request, follow these steps.

  1. Access Settings (chrome://settings/).
  2. Expand Advanced then access Privacy and security.
  3. Click Content settings then Notifications.
  4. On the right side of each item, there is an icon which opens editing popup menu.
    • Add: manually input a website to either Block or Allow category
    • Block: turn off notification 
    • Allow: allow notification
    • Edit: modify site’s URL
    • Remove: delete it from Block or Allow category

Turn on and off notification on Firefox

Turn on

It is similar to Chrome.

Turn off

Web Push is always opt-in in Firefox. To prevent sites from sending you push messages, follow these steps:

  1. Open Options under Firefox Menu
  2. Select the Content panel
  3. Under Notifications, if you want to temporarily disable all websites’ notifications, check Do not disturb me. Otherwise, click on Choose… to start modifying separated websites.
  4. Select sites you want to block then Click Remove Site

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