5 Essential Magic Gears

What are the essential magic gears that are always with you each time you have a show? For magicians out there, ensure to include these five essential magic gears with you.

A Small Table

Make sure to bring a small table with you each time you have a magic show. This small table allows you to put all the things or the accessories you will need during the show. A small table makes your magic stuff organize. But, ensure to consider a foldable magic table for you to store it in your car easily, and also, this makes it easier for you to travel.


This multi-tool takes account of a knife, pliers, and some other vital and useful items. They are related to convenience. You should carry this one with you each time you have a show. This is very useful, and at the same time, you can count on them during an emergency.

Bottle of Water/ Snack

During your break or after a show, you need to replenish yourself. To keep away from unhealthier choices of fast food, you can carry a bottle of water.  This will keep your body and mind energized.

Dashboard Kit

Dashboard kit is also a vita gear you need to consider.  This is not essential for gigs, but it is advantageous in so many ways. If you are at a house party and asked to perform, you can do a ten to thirty-minute show.

First Aid Kit

This is something that everyone, not just a magician, should consider, and a first aid kit is essential in each aspect. Your first aid kit should include medicine,  gauze, Neosporin, Sanitizer, alcohol, and many others. This will help you keep ready and prepared all the time. Things come unexpectedly; it is better always to be prepared. You can also include mind or breath fresher in this kit, so you always have a fresh breath each time you talk with clients. This first aid kit is simple to make, or you can easily purchase it online and keep you from having open wounds.


As a whole, these are just some of the many essential magic gears that you have to consider or think of. It is always advisable to have all the things ready and prepared to make the show works smoothly and flawlessly. Make sure to include these gears as these will positively impact your career.  

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