5 Best Ways to Use an Android Mini PC

The invention of Android mini PCs has started to popularize the idea of extremely portable computing. For around the price of $50 or so, it’s hard to get much more value for your dollar. Not to mention, you get access to all of those Android apps and games. Here, we list a few ways in which you can use an Android mini PC.

Media Center

One of the best uses for these cheap mini PCs is as a media center. Since most of them can output through HDMI at 1080p resolution, it becomes a great way to stream things like Netflix and Hulu directly to your TV, even if you don’t own one of those fancy smart TVs. You can also use services like Pandora, Spotify, basically anything that Android can support.

Gaming Console

Since you have access to the full library of Android titles, you’ll also be able to play games in 1080p resolution on your big screen TV. Obviously you can’t play any of the games that require a touchscreen, but the ones that only require a gamepad are fully playable if you use something like a wireless Android controller. Many of the popular games will support these controllers.

Serving Files

By making use of both an ethernet dongle and an external hard drive, you can turn your $50 Android mini PC into a dedicated file server, letting computers and devices throughout the house access your hard disk storage in an easy manner, 24/7. This may require a bit more technical knowledge, but it can be worth it if you happen to have a lot of stored media.

Secure PC

Even though Android mini PCs are primarily designed to run Android, they also tend to have the ability to run various forms of Linux, which can make them infinitely more useful if you know what you’re doing. You’d be able to use them as a very secure workstation; since all of the data stays with the mini PC, it becomes a lot more secure just as long as you don’t lose it.

Family PC

Android is known for being quite user-friendly, which is reflected in its massive userbase and significant marketshare. And since you can plug a mini PC into nearly any display (as long as it supports HDMI), you can use it as simply a regular PC that can do most of what you need it to do, especially if you tend to do your daily tasks within a web browser.

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