10+ Interesting Facts About Siri

Siri, the voice-activated assistant that comes with Apple’s iPhone 4S, has been making waves since she was released in October 2011.

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant who helps you get things done just by asking. She can answer questions, make suggestions, and help you complete tasks – hands-free!

With the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, Siri makes it easy to find what you need from contacts, calendars, maps, and more. You can even tell her when to call someone for you. All this without ever having to look at your phone!

Here are interesting facts about Siri that you may not know.

14 Interesting Facts About Siri

Siri is a personal assistant that can do much more than just make phone calls. She also manages device settings which means her functionality is only going to increase as time goes by! With the new Siri social media feature, users can post to Twitter and Facebook by telling their virtual assistant what they want to be posted.

If you say “Shut up”, Siri might respond “That’s not very nice” or “Did I deserve that” and shut down. There are many other responses too.

You can access Siri by either raising your device or pressing and holding the home button.

The digital assistant Siri can do searches on social media to find people or subjects.

With Siri, you can have your phone help calculate the tip.

Susan Bennett provided the voice of Siri with an American accent while Jon Briggs did for the British accent. They had no idea that the recording was going to be used for Siri.

Siri has the potential to be a very helpful tool for those who find themselves busy and forgetful. With reminders from Siri, you’ll never miss another important phone call!

With Siri, you can convert units of measures. Conversions like ounces to kilos are just one of many things that the voice-activated assistant can do for users!

The user can simply say “Siri, call my dad” and their iPhone will automatically dial his phone number.

The amazing thing about this is that it doesn’t require any typing on the part of the person being contacted; all they need to do in order to make contact with someone else (such as a co-worker) through voice technology is give those bots an identifying label – like calling up Dad at home when you’re out running errands!

Siri is more than just a voice-activated assistant. She can also do the math! Siri’s ability to solve difficult problems using her natural language processing skills has been surprisingly effective, and the technology behind it all may be able to help students better understand complicated mathematical concepts in school classrooms.

Try to make Siri sing a song for you? You may have to try 20 times before she will consent, but if that is what it takes then go ahead and request another one!

There’s no need to look for a restaurant yourself when Siri can do it all! Booking an appointment at the perfect spot has never been easier.

Siri can help you find the closest flight that is directly above your current location or quickly check on a flight’s status.

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