6 Best Tip Calculator Apps for Android

It is actually hassle when it comes to calculate how much you wish to tip or how to share the bill among people. Don’t worry about how much you have to tip anymore. Just open these apps, input bill info to get the final dollars. Following are the best tip calculator apps for Android:

Simple Tip Calculator

This is the most simple tip calculator. It is designed to be simple and fast and only displays necessary information. You can share calculated result via other apps such as email, chat messenger.

EZ Tip Calculator

EZ Tip Calculator is another simple tip calculator that lets you to enter the percent you wish to tip and the bill amount. The best feature of this app is a built-in number pad, which is designed to calculate the tip quickly.

Tippy Tipper (Tip Calculator)

Tip Calculator is an open source app. It has a built-in custom keypad for quick number input. The tip percentage is easily set via a slider or 3 configurable buttons. The app also supports split bill and tax rate excluding.

Tip N Split Tip Calculator

Tip N Split Tip Calculator has all of your favorite options saved which makes it the fastest way to calculate tip. It also has a sleek and clean design which makes it easy on the eyes when using. Its dynamic real time results make the calculating process feel smooth. It also offer guide for offering tips in some countries such United States, Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, China and more.

Split Around Tip Calculator

Split Around Tip Calculator helps you split the bill fast and accurate for dining and drinks with your friends. It is a new app with a unique design compared to others. You can use this tip calculator to calculate percentages for drinks, food, and split the bill at a restaurant or at a bar. It will really save your time.

Tip Calculator & Bill Split

This is the most simple tip calculator app that allows you to specify the total bill and the percent you wish to tip. The app also supports bill spitting.  You can enter a specific number of people to split the bill. It offer more settings such as theme, tax, language, etc…

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