10 Common Types of K-pop Fans

There are a lot of different types of Kpop fans and we are going to talk about 10 common types of fans.

There are a lot of different types of Kpop fans and we are going to talk about 10 common types of fans.

Normal fans

These are the fans who listen to Kpop regularly but it isn’t obsessive. They don’t obsess so much over their idols, and they go to concerts, supports their idols in a safe way.

Sasaeng fans

Sasaeng fans are a very obsessive ones. They are normally marked as stalkers. They tend to invade their idols privacy by following them around in close range and even breaking into idols’ dorm.

‘There from the start’ fans

They follow idols from the beginning of their career or debut. They own every album, have been to most of concerts.

Creative fans

They are usually artists. They will draw a lot of fan art, or write fan fiction.

Fantasize fans

They are either fans who fantasize in wanting to meet their idol, and fans who sexually fantasize about their idols.

Multifandom fans

They support many groups and love learning about new ones.

Rich fans

They literally will go to as many k-pop concerts as they can, and might have a lot of merchandise.

Rude fans

This group exist in every fandom. They tend to be very defensive of their own idol, but bash other groups , may bully other fans.

Loyal fans

A loyal fan is a fan who is loyal to one group. They listen to the group’s music, own every merch of that group. But they refuse to expand their Kpop listening.

Bandwagon Fans

With the rise of Hallyu, there are rise of K-pop fans around the world. They listen to several K-pop songs.

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