4 Types of K-pop Albums

If you listen to K-pop, you must have known about singles, mini-albums, albums, and repackaged albums. What are they and how are they differences to each other?


A single is around 1-2 songs. Most K-pop idols debut with a single.

BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) – SQUARE ONE [1st Single Album]


It is basically an album, but with a few tracks only. Some mini-albums contains 4–6 tracks composed of 4 songs and the instrumental version of the title track. This type of album is easier to produce and cheaper than a full album.

BOLBBALGAN4 – Mini Album [Red Diary Page.2]


An album contains 12-15 songs, maybe more. Only popular idols produce full album as they take long time to record and are expensive.

BTS – Album Vol.2 [WINGS]

Repackaged Album

They’re repackages of the original album. The album consists of the same songs from the previous album, but with 3-4 new ones. It uses a different concept and additional title tracks.

EXO – Album Vol.2 Repackage [LOVE ME RIGHT] (Korean Ver.)

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