6 Common Types of Dog Collars

Collars, collars, and collars everywhere! With the different choices and types, it would be hard to choose, which would really be the best one. How could it be possible to choose which is best for your dog?

An enjoyable and safer walk for you and your dog means finding the right collar. To help you know which would be perfect, here are the six popular types of dog collars, according to The Pooch Coach trainer, Beverly Ulbrich.

The Flat Collar

If you are in for the golden standard, the most common type, go for the flat collar. There wouldn’t be any problems walking the dog with a flat collar, given that the dog should not misbehave, lunge, and pull, or in any ways that might cause injuries to either their owner or themselves.

Petego La Cinopelca Monogram Flat Dog Leash

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A Head Collar

Similar to a horse’s halter, the head collar is attached behind the dog’s ears and is slipped over their snout. A head collar is believed to have a calming effect to the dog and may have the tendency of making the dog feel safer during the walk.

Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses have two types. One type is the front-clip harness and the other, back-clip harness. The good thing to know is that presently, modern harnesses conveniently includes both types.

Pinch/Prong Collars

There has been a debate about the safety/effectivity of this collar as some claim it to be a perfect training tool, and others say it is harmful/abusive. It is strongly encouraged to consult with professional trainers first before deciding to use the pinch/prong collar.


For those looking for a collar with the combination of a flat buckle collar’s simplicity and a slip collar’s added pressure, the martingale is for you. A martingale also comes with a built-in limitation for adjusting the collar slip.

The Slip Collars

Slip collars have varieties and come in different ranges of materials used. It is strong enough to easily overpower the physical control of an untrained, strong dog.

Wrapping it Up

When you are choosing a collar, remember that it should be ideal and must fit for having dog walks with you without lunging and pulling. Though this list has the most popular types of collars, it would still suffice and be better to use the most common type, a flat collar. It is still recommended that if you choose any of the others, you should consult first a professional trainer for added safety and assurance.

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