10 Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Speakers

The average lifespan of an outdoor speaker is about 3 years. The speakers are exposed to a lot of the elements such as rain, snow, heat and cold which can cause them to break down quicker than indoor speakers. In order to maintain your outdoor speakers they need to be taken care of indoors during inclement weather or in the winter months when it’s too cold for them outdoors. This blog post will provide tips on how you can keep your outdoor speakers working properly for longer periods of time by taking some simple maintenance steps before and after use.

Maintaining an outdoor speaker system could be the difference between sounding like a professional DJ or not. Outdoor speaker systems are expensive, so it’s important to make sure they are working properly before throwing them away!

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Speakers

Clean Them Regularly

The first tip we have is cleaning your outdoor speakers regularly with soap and water while using a soft cloth (or microfiber). If dirt gets caught inside of the grilling’s covering the drivers of the speaker system, it can ruin sound quality as well as create a lot of static.

Don’t forget to clean off your speakers from time to time so that dust doesn’t get on them in a way that can cause problems with their internal working parts or hinder how well they work altogether. You want those things at peak performance because after all these are some of the best investments you’ll ever make when it comes to sound quality.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

You should make your speaker avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and if you do find your outdoor speakers in the sun for an extended period of time, then use a cover or cloth over them so they don’t get too hot! You want to make sure that all components are functioning properly before buying new ones. It’s important not to let any parts become too warm because it will start damaging the circuit board inside which could lead to other problems like shorts.

Make sure that your speaker system doesn’t get exposed to extreme temperatures at either end of the spectrum!

Make Sure They Are Properly Wired

If they’re not, the wire can detach from a terminal and create an electrical short, which will destroy any speaker system that it’s attached to. Some people don’t even know this until they go outside and their music cuts out in the middle of listening!

Place Them Correctly

Where you place them on the ground or tabletop can affect a speaker’s life. Speaker systems need air space for sound waves to travel through so you want enough room around them between furniture (especially if it’s sensitive) and other items cluttering up your table surface such as condiments like salt shakers etc. It’s important that you keep the speakers out of too much heat and cold to make sure it doesn’t cause any damage.

Use Them Frequently

Make sure to use your outdoor speaker system as often as possible, so they don’t become a victim of disuse! You want your speakers to last for years with minimal maintenance on your part, so if you’re not using them very frequently then this can be one thing that leads to their demise.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Avoid chemical cleaners when cleaning the exterior surfaces of your speakers because many times these products will contain chemicals like chlorine which could potentially corrode metal parts inside.

Clean Them Properly

Some people don’t realize this, but you should never use water on or near your speaker system because it can cause moisture damage and destroy any warranty coverage that came with them when they were purchased. Direct contact from a liquid will short-circuit the whole thing!

Keep It Off Of Rocks And Large Stones

One of my tips for keeping outdoor speakers properly maintained is not placing them down on rocks or large stones where their weight could be an issue and make them fall off by accident during those times when kids are playing around outside (which happens more than I think adults would like to admit). You want to keep these heavy duty outdoor speakers as safe as possible.

Check The Ground For Leaks

Another tip is to check the ground for leaks, and if you find them make sure that they are repaired before placing your speaker back onto the spot where it was originally located. It’s all about protecting what we have!

Use The Appropriate Coverings

You have to cover your outdoor speakers with some sort of protection from the nearby elements. This is a must if you want them to last longer and be more enjoyable for years on end! A waterproof speaker cover or protective casing will help keep water, rain, snow and other forms of precipitation out so that they can continue doing what they do best without any downtime at all.

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