How to Pick the Best Outdoor Speaker Cable

What is the one thing that can make or break your outdoor speaker system? The answer: Speaker cable. You might be asking yourself, “How important is speaker cable?” Well, it’s so vital to your outdoor sound system that if you don’t buy the right type of wire for connecting speakers together, then all of your hard work building a great-sounding outdoor entertainment area will go to waste. That’s why we created this buyer guide on how to find the best speaker wire for you and your family!

A Guide to Buying the Right Outdoor Speaker Cable

What is the one thing that can make or break your outdoor sound system? The speaker cable. Outdoor speaker cables are made to be tough and help your system maintain a high quality sound, no matter what happens to the ambient environment. But how do you know which outdoor speaker cable is right for you?

Length of wire

Outdoor speaker cables come in a variety of lengths, so it’s important to select one that will be long enough for your needs.

The voltage rating

If you have low-voltage speakers then an outdoor speaker cable with insulation is crucial. Higher voltages can cause the wire to burn and break relatively quickly without protection.


Different types of insulations are better suited for certain situations, such as cold weather or wet environments. It is best to find a type of insulation that matches the environment where you need the wire most often.”

Safety certification

If you have outdoor speakers on poles outside in direct sunlight all day long, then make sure they’re rated at least 600 volts per meter so there’s not too much power loss over distance!


Material should be considered next. Most speaker cables are made of copper. Because copper is a good conductor, it has been used to transmit electrical signals since the 1800s.

Copper is also flexible and durable; this helps when installing cables in outdoor environments because they can withstand light exposure and frequent operations without being damaged or corroded. Copper speaker wire typically comes with an insulation that protects against short circuits from environmental factors such as water or high temperatures.

When shopping for speaker cables, find one that is made from copper or oxygen-free copper.


Cables that are shielded will provide better sound quality. Shielded speaker cables can block interference from outside sources that may disrupt the audio signal.

Shields are typically made of braided metal or a polyethylene material, but they also come in other materials such as aluminum-magnesium alloy and silver plating. It is best to avoid unshielded cables because they are less effective at blocking radio signals, so you run the risk of experiencing static noise when using them outdoors.

Some shielded wire is rated for use indoors/outdoors; this means it has corrosion resistance properties that will withstand exposure to air with humidity without rusting or corroding over time. If you’re looking for long-term protection against outdoor elements, then choose an indoor/outdoor cable instead of one strictly meant for indoors.

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