Top 5 Starter and Base Themes for Drupal 8

For all the developers out there, making a theme for a Drupal 8 site might seem like a difficult task. However, if you opt for quality base themes, your work is bound to get simplified. After all, once you have a basic design for your site, you can focus on other things that matter like modules.

Here are five of the best base themes for Drupal 8.


This responsive and flexible starting theme uses a mobile-first grid design and uses component-based CSS to provide its features. Since it comprises of comprehensive online documentation and includes code comments about PHP, HTML, and CSS, Zen makes building your own theme a piece of cake.

The theme comes with a Gulp task runner which allows you to effectively perform the various tasks of a front-end developer. When you are developing the code, all you need to do is type gulp watch and your Sass and JavaScript will be compiled and lint.


Not all users wish to have a generic theme for their sites. Most developers would rather create their own theme so as to customize it as per their needs. Omega provides this feature to its users by allowing for editing in the basic layout. This layout is marked by responsiveness and is adjustable to the requirements of individuals. Omega is still in its development stage and while the latest update is available for download, there are a few issues that need to be fixed.


The starter themes offered by Bootstrap has been successful in satisfying the needs of many developers. Bootstrap itself is considered to be a popular HTML and CSS framework The interface of the theme is based on mobile-first projects and is made in a way to ensure that you are able to easily grasp the technicalities of it all.

ZURB Foundation

With increased speed of prototyping and a mobile-first framework, ZURB Foundation manages to have it all. This theme is made by ZURB which implements the Foundation framework in both Drupal 7 and 8 versions. Therefore, it can be safely said that this theme has all the tools that are required to develop your page, blog or website without an issue.


Now, this framework has just been released as stable version, but it has great potential owing to the inclusion of value-added features that make the framework a convenient platform for users.

You might wonder what these features are. After all, how great can a simple starter template be? Well, this framework provides autonomy to you by having a responsive design, menu, off canvas and slide menus. Hence, you are free to customize it all.

Additionally, the theme is equipped with a theme generator which means that you no longer need to copy and paste the code from other files. Instead, you can generate it through the generator.


Make sure you choose a base theme that makes your job of designing your website easier than before. There are various tasks that require your time and a complex theme is not worthy of it.

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