Root Master: Easy Way to Root your Android Device

Gaining root access is a challenge for many Android users. Some manufacturers do not overprotect their gadgets, so accessing the root is quite simple. In many other cases, rooting the device becomes a challenge. It makes no difference why you want to do it. Maybe you plan to uninstall those advertising applications put in by your mobile carrier or perhaps you want to install some third party applications. Anyhow, rooting the device gives you more features, while doing it is extremely simple with Root Master – one of the most appreciated applications to root Android smartphones.

Root Master is not just fast and intuitive, but also extremely simple to use. This is not the type of application that requires sophisticated adb commands, not to mention the annoying USB connections. Believe it or not, it requires one tap to access the root. At that point, you benefit from numerous privileges, as well as the possibility to improve and enhance your unit at a system level. Install third party solutions, come up with the right add-ons and customize your smartphone in the smallest details.


Not only you can individualize the gadget, but you can also increase the battery life by optimizing the overall performance. Once you get it, Root Master will provide access to multiple possibilities:

  • Unrooting capabilities
  • Dealing with root applications
  • Removing bloatware
  • Backup applications
  • Custom ROMs installations

Root Master also benefits from regular updates, only to tackle as many devices as possible. New gadgets show up on a regular basis, hence the necessity of so many updates. The entire menu is intuitive and user friendly, while the download is free. Keep in mind that while rooting is piece of cake, performing more sophisticated operations might demand a little extra knowledge and experience. Luckily, the risks are minimal.

Download Root Master!

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