6 Money Making Apps for Android

You already pay for your phone. Why not make some money with it as well. There is an ever-growing market of apps that allow you to earn money on the go by doing simple tasks with your phone. Here are five of the most popular money making apps.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards
Karma Play allows users earn daily rewards for playing with games they installed. It is simple. Install an app, and play with the app daily to earn daily rewards. There are 5 ways to earn rerwards using appKarma

1) Basic Rewards – Install and open an app.
2) Karma Plays – Play the installed app daily.
3) Karma Quizzes – Answer quizzes.
4) Achievement Badges – Get more rewards for your achievements such as friend invitation, 20 apps installation.
5) Invite Rewards – Invite friends to get 30% of what they earn from app install offers.


With this app, you get assigned a variety of tasks from shooting a photo of your lunch to a pic of what you’re wearing. Then, you simply share that photo on all of your social media. That’s all it takes. You get paid for each completed assignment. You can receive the money you’ve earned via PayPal or use your credits to get free merchandise. Iconzoomer has also added a feature so you can donate your earnings to UNICEF if you wish.


Using MintCoins, you also earn money through assignments that may include downloading a free app, completing a survey, registering for a website or watching a video. You can also earn bonus credits for referring friends to the app. Like Iconzoomer, you can turn the money you earn into cash through PayPal. You can cash out when you’ve earned as little as $1 unlike some other apps that require you to earn as much as $10 before being able to get your money.

App Trailers

This app gives you one task: to preview video trailers about new apps. You earn points as you watch them and provide feedback on how to make them better. They want honest responses since they are also trying to sell the app they are advertising. You get just half a penny for each video watched, but that can add up quickly. You can also earn more for trying out demos of certain apps, up to a $1 per demo for certain apps.

ESPN Streak For The Cash

This app is less about assignments and more about your sports knowledge. You enter the contest at the ESPN website and select the winners of upcoming games across 10 different sports. If you end up with the longest winning streak of the month, you get a whopping $50,000. You can enter anytime and compete against others all over the world.

Cash King

Like MintCoins, Cash King gives you assignments to watch videos, complete surveys and download and try apps. You get paid for each assignment and can cash out using PayPal or receive your earnings in the form of Amazon.com gift cards.

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