5 Best Free Key Mapping Software for Windows 10/11

The layouts of the keyboard don’t vary for most laptops and PCs. Thus, you can see similar keys in the same places on many keyboards.

If you want to customize keys and the layouts of your keyboards, you can set up keymapping software, most especially if you are using Windows 10/11. There is free key mapping software available that allows you to disable or remaps keys and put in new shortcuts to keyboards. For instance, you can alter the Control button into the Caps lock by remapping it.

There is a lot of free key mapping software for Windows 10 and 11 to choose from. Below are the best five free key mapping software available.


If you are searching for free key mapping software that has the capability to edit the registry for swapping and remapping Windows keys, look no further than SharpKeys. This program is equipped with a user-friendly interface that does not comprise a keyboard layout to choose keys.

With this program, you can choose one key to alter from a list and then pick another to change it. This also supports the standard keys as well as other multimedia playback buttons on recent keyboards.  However, SharpKeys is lack options that bring back the default keyboard mapping, so you need to erase every remapped key individually and manually.

Auto Hotkey

AutoHotkey is a free and open-source scripting language specifically designed for Windows that enables users to easily design scripts for a wide range of activities. It includes features such as form fillers, auto-clicking, and macros, making it suitable for both beginners, who will appreciate its easy-to-learn built-in commands, and experienced developers, who can appreciate its fast prototyping and small project capabilities.

AutoHotkey offers users the freedom to automate any desktop task they need. With its convenience, speed, and beginner-friendly environment, it is easy to see why many users choose AutoHotkey over other scripting languages. Plus, with its key binds feature, users can define hotkeys for the mouse and keyboard, remap keys or buttons, and add autocorrect-like replacements with just a few lines.

Key Mapper

For an expansive visual keyboard, GUI chooses Key Mapper. What makes it apart from the rest is the drag-and-drop user interface, which allows you to disable keys through dragging. Also, this will enable you to remap keys. Just drag them onto the one you want to allocate them to.

It has a flexible user interface that allows users to disable or map keys by clicking them twice on the keyboard to open and make a mapping window. Apart from an intuitive user interface, this key mapping software takes account of an array of choice keyboard layouts as well as languages from various countries.

Map Keyboard

A lot of key mapping software available consumes big storage space. But Map Keyboard is incredibly small and considered one of the most excellent and consumes 30KB size. This allows you to customize the layout settings of the keyboard with ease, in spite of a lack of hotkey features.

The interface is identical to the standard keyboard image, which is user-friendly. It is easy to comprehend, thus making it perfect for beginners. It allows the user to replace key functions with the use of a pull-down menu. This software also allows you to make diverse layouts that match your needs.

Key Remapper

Key Remapper enables users to customize their keyboard and mouse buttons. It allows users to disable mouse buttons, keys, and mouse wheel rotations, as well as remap them to different functions.

For example, Key Remapper can be used to adjust the Caps Lock and Right Shift keys, as well as to create new key combinations. Additionally, users can also use the program to counter the remapping of mouse buttons and keys.

These are just some of the best key mapping software for Windows 10/11. The keyboard is a vital element of a desktop, and there are many tools available that allow you to optimize your work with a keyboard. Pick the right one to become effective.

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