LYN The Lightbringer Guide

In this game called Lightbringer, you are known as the Lightbringer called Vestri. Vestri is a girl who was given a big responsibility to handle her people in bringing light to their dark land. It was quite challenging to manage, but still, you need to do it for your people. It would help if you protected a crystal ball with the most powerful light that will save you from the gods of evil and darkness to conquer you and your people.

However, how can you do it if you don’t have the exact guide that you need to know in playing and tips on how you can make it faster and easier?

3 Tips to Be the Best

Create the Best Team You Need

In creating a team, you need to know if they can help you or not. You can add up to five-hero team maximum where there will be a formation system. In each lane, you must have your defenders, attackers, and supporters where all of you must work together to get the job that. When creating a team just press -> team option -> edit team -> select a hero -> then select a line.

Get the Best Heroes

You can get the best heroes if you summon them by using your blue or red diamonds as bait for them. You can also play the altar advent demo mode, and it will be seen at the left bottom of your screen.  Go to Bag -> consumables -> scroll -> use. You can also use the bottom screen by pressing summon hero -> spend red or blue diamonds, and you will get the best heroes that you need.

Hero Upgrades/Combine/Dismantle/Skill

You are also required to battle in an arena mode or defeat elite monsters that you need to pass to defeat your main enemy. Getting upgrades, combining powers, dismantle heroes that can’t help, and improve your skills in battle. The only thing that you need to earn is XP points and power bars so that you can have all of them in just one press.

Finding XP points is very easy because when you are fighting, and you have defeated a critical monster thee XP sign will pop up. You will be given the time limit to get it so you must be fast and alert as well as your team. Remember that you need to use your XP when you are weak because it is also hard to collect them.

Those are the common guide and tips that a player needs to know so you can become a professional. Just make sure that you won’t use cheats in battling because the publisher will trace it and you will be banned in playing this game. 

It would be best if you also had all the force that a team needs to work together and make sure that you and your team have strong communication, especially when battling. It is hard if only three of you are participating and the two are not doing their jobs to win the game. Just press Dismantle to delete it and start making another team so that you can win the victory of being the Lightbringer!

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