How to Stop Good Emails from Being Misfiled in Bulk Mail Folder

If you have a bulk mail folder in your email program, it’s important to check the spam filter once in a while. Sometimes emails get filed there by accident or due to technical glitches when they should really be categorized with other messages that are sent from senders who want them delivered only into certain recipients’ inboxes (spam filters can’t guess what people might want). Bulk mail folders are a complete nuisance. They get in your way and make it hard for you to find anything, especially if there are just as many messages from family members or list serves that one subscribes to than important business correspondence!

How to Stop Good Emails from Being Misfiled in Bulk Mail Folder

What are Spam Emails?

Spam is an unsolicited email sent by companies that the receiver did not ask or want to receive. The sender’s goal in most cases is to get the recipient to look at products and services on their site, such as weight loss supplements and X-ray body analyzers. Spam can be delivered via email, social media posts, text messages, blog comments, and even online ads.

You start getting spam instead of your normal emails in your inbox. Your friends and family aren’t sending you junk mail — they aren’t sending you anything because you keep spamming them back telling them not to send it! It can also feel like all incoming mail has stopped.

Why am I Getting Spam and Good Emails in my Bulk Mail Folder?

When people send you an email, their ISP (Internet Service Provider) will look up your IP address on the sender’s domain. If your IP Address is listed as spam prone or has had lots of problems with spam in the past, it’s likely that it will be determined to be junk mail before it even reaches your inbox. These emails are typically sent straight to a bulk or junk folder, depending on how the receiver filters out spam. The problem here is simple: these emails aren’t detected as spam by some very smart spam filters. Those messages that get tagged as “junk” were just misfiled into your bulk mail folder due to one of the following reasons: the sender’s ISP was reporting you as spam even though you aren’t actually sending spam or there is something wrong with your email account which is causing it to show up in your bulk mail folder.

How to Stop Important Emails Being Sent Spam Folder

Bulk mail folders are a blessing and a curse. When they work, you’re able to separate the good emails from all of the spam, scams, and other unwanted messages that make it into your inbox.

When they don’t work correctly (like if someone is using your email address without your knowledge) then you end up with more junk than ever before.

But there are some easy fixes for this problem! Here are four things you can do right now to solve this issue:

  • Create an inbox rule that moves any new message into its own folder if it contains specific words or phrases like “free offer” or “2021 sale.” This will help keep those pesky offers away so you can focus on what you need to do.
  • Make sure your emails are following the CAN-SPAM Act. Ensure that there’s a clear identification on the email, no misleading content and that they have an easy way of opting out or contacting you.
  • Use SPF records for your domain that state which servers are allowed to send on behalf of your company. This will help make sure only valid sources are sending on behalf of your company (and not people pretending to be doing it).
  • Put the spam reporting tools into action! If something is slipping through the cracks then let us know so we can try our best to stop it.

You’ll notice big changes right away when you take these steps! And if you think your bulk mail folders are still having issues after all of this, let us know right away so we can get on the case and put an end to it once and for all.


In conclusion, if you’re getting spam in your inbox it’s likely because your emails are being misfiled to the bulk mail folder. There are a few things you can do right now to fix this issue for good! Fixing the sender issues and following the CAN-SPAM Act will help ensure that you’re receiving all of your emails that are important to you. If the problem persists, then let us know and we’ll be able to assist you further!

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