How To Save in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

The Dragon Quest Heroes series is praised for keeping the soul of the classic Dragon Quest while trying a completely new gameplay style. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is an action RPG with a gameplay style similar to Dysnaty Warrior series.

It is important to save in a RPG game. And it is no difference in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

Similar to any Dragon Quest, church is the place where players can save their game. It serves many purposes such as reviving allies, cure status effects. In Dragon Quest Heroes 2, it has only one purpose which is to help players save their games and it appears in the middle of the town for easy access.

To save, talk to the priestess and choose:

  • Confession (Save) – Save and continue to the game.
  • End Your Adventure – Save and exit the game.

There is Auto-save feature in this game, but it is not reliable.

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