How Live Location Sharing Could Save Lives

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your loved one die because they were in a car accident, but no one knew that they needed help? That is the sad truth for a lot of people. It’s not uncommon for someone to live through an event and not make it out alive due to the lack of attention given by other people. Live location sharing can change all of this!

What is Live Location Sharing?

Live location sharing is a way of using social media to share your live, real-time movements with followers. For example, you have been walking around town and taking pictures. You can then post the photos and accompanying video on Facebook Live or YouTube in order to broadcast what you see for all to witness at any time.

This type of technology has been used by activist groups such as Black Lives Matter who are often targeted because they speak out against police brutality towards African Americans in America. It’s also popular among celebrities who use it to provide their fans an opportunity to get up close and personal while going about their day-to-day lives.

How Can It Help Save a Life?

Live location sharing is a fairly new technology that can be used to keep loved ones close to home at all times. There are many different ways that you and your family could use live location sharing, some of which include:

  • Easily communicate with one another when traveling abroad or if someone has been in an accident. Communication will allow them access help more quickly!
  • Stay up to date on the whereabouts of your children as they go off into the world by checking their live location every few minutes. You’ll always know where they are and what’s happening around them so you don’t have any worries about safety or child abductions.
  • Saving a loved one who is in danger of an accident. This could include someone who has had too much to drink and needs help driving home, or maybe your husband wants to go on a hunting trip alone but doesn’t want you sitting around all day waiting for him to come back.
  • Keeping track of children when they are out playing with friends after school hours so that parents don’t have to worry about their safety. Imagine if it was possible for the parent watching from home to know where their child is at any time? It’s like having life insurance!
  • Helping people stay connected during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires etc. If there were more live location sharing apps available we would be able to know who is safe and who needs help.
  • If you have a loved one who is always traveling for work, it could be hard to keep track of them and make sure they are safe. Live location sharing means that no matter where your family member goes, you’ll know when they’re there or if something happens while they are away from home.
  • Live Location Sharing can also help people with anxiety disorders by giving them peace of mind knowing their children or other important persons in their lives are safe at all times.

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