5 Best Mouse Bungees in 2024

Mouse bungees are an accessory that can be used to keep your desk tidy. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. You might not know it but they also have a number of benefits for you and your computer! Read on for the five best mouse bungees available right now!

A mouse bungee is a desk accessory that can be used to store items on your desktop. It is designed with flexible feet and base which allows it to move easily when needed, such as to remove an organizer from your workspace. You might want one in order for the look of your space or if you have cluttered desks so things don’t fall off when you’re not looking.

Mouse bungees can be found in a variety of colors and materials, including natural fibers like jute or hemp for people who prefer the eco-friendly option. Some mouse bungees also have adjustable lengths to accommodate any size desk organizer while others are one size fits all with designs that might suit a certain type of desk clutter the best. Straps can be used to keep your mouse bungee in place and provide stability when it is not being used, as well as attach anything else you want on your desk.

5 Best Mouse Bungees

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2: Drag-Free Wired Mouse Support - for Esports-Level Performance - Classic Black (RC21-01210100-R3M1)
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The Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2 is the perfect accessory for any gamer or office worker. No more pulling your mouse cord and disrupting play or work! With a weight-balanced design, anti-slip base, and a bunch of cable control features, you will be ready to frag with steadiness.

This plug and play bungee cord has a space-saving design to manage both cords, cables or headset wires and mouse cords. The weighted base provides non-slip stability for gaming. Made from rust resistant spring arms that retain adjustment settings without corrosion. With less drag between your mouse cable and the cord connections, your frag can be more accurate than ever before.

Thermaltake Tt e SPORTS Galeru Magnetic Detachable Head Gaming Mouse Bungee

Thermaltake Tt e SPORTS Galeru Magnetic Detachable Head Gaming Mouse Bungee EAC-MSB001
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Thermaltake Tt e eSports Galeru Magnetic Detachable Head Gaming Mouse Bungee: your go-to companion for gaming when you don’t wish to haul around a heavy, bulkiy keyboard or a huge rig. The magnetic head attaches easily to the mouse bungee, and the bungee stretches as you move it across your desk—making this one of the most flexible mice on the market.

If you’re in need of that edge to beat those pesky gamers out there, Thermaltake’s got you covered with their amazing flexibility and outstanding stability with superb detachable heads!

CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management

CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management
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The case tone is the perfect solution for gamers who struggle with cables. It will keep your cord off of the desk and away from any clutter so you can play more comfortably. Not only, it provides a drag free control to ensure that every movement feels smooth during those long game sessions.

With its heavy-duty stability design, anti-slip feature, and drag free cord control this gaming mouse cable management system ensures a wonderful experience whether it’s getting kills or defeating bosses in virtual reality on PSVR/PS4 or enjoying a match with friends over Xbox Live!

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder with 4 Port USB Hub

ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder with 4 Port USB Hub - 7 LED Color Modes with RGB Lighting - Wire & Cord Management Support for Improved Accuracy
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The ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder and LED USB Hub is like a one-stop shop for all of your gaming needs. The cable holder takes up only a small amount of space on your desk, but still manages to provide you with mouse cable organization, while four USB ports allow you to add more devices (keyboard and headsets) without taking up the space that these items would normally need on the surface of your desk.

The 7 different color settings let you mix things up and keep things interesting! The sleek design blends well in any environment where energy efficiency is needed as it can save thousands of dollars every year in electric bills because of its low power consumption features! 


BenQ Zowie CAMADE (Cable Management Device) Mouse Bungee for Esports
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The BenQ Zowie CAMADE is the tiniest and most lightweight mouse bungee on the market with a mobile one-piece design. The adjustable spring allows you to select an optimal height for your setting, guaranteeing that you can play competitively while eliminating cable interference. With rubber feet providing stability and a solid grip to any surface it’s placed on, this pad will make sure that no movement is lost during your gaming experience.

With compatibility with all cables including a rubber clip included in the package for those who prefer their own style of things, it’s easy to find something that suits you!

The CAMADE features anti-slip coating too ensure your optimum security against accidental slippages without affecting control or speeds of movement – getting yourself

What to Look For in Best Mouse Bungees?

Feet and Base: Mouse bungees are designed to be flexible. They should have feet that bend and a base which can move so it’s easy to slide your desk organizer in or out when you’re done with it!

Color: Mouse bungees come in all sorts of colors but they often go best with the color scheme of your workspace. You might want to avoid bright colors and stick with more subtle ones.

Material: Mouse bungees are usually made out of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester, but there’s also the option to use natural fibers like jute or hemp! You might want to check that your mouse bungee is machine washable if you’re going for a fabric material.

Length/Design: Some mouse bungees have an adjustable length so they can fit in any size desk organizer while others come as one-size fits all. They may even be designed specifically for a certain type of cluttered desk such as one with lots of drawers!

Straps: Straps on your mouse bungee will help keep it in place when it’s not being used. They can also be used to hang anything else you want on your desk!

Backing: Mouse bungees have a backing that is designed to grip the material it’s being attached to and provide stability so there are less accidents when using it. Make sure they’re made out of a strong material like heavy duty rubber.

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