5 Best Android Cricket Games

We live in such a fast-paced world that it is hard for us to take time out for ourselves. Gone are the days when we could indulge in outdoor games on a weekly basis.

However, Android cricket games can help fill this void. Here are the five best cricket games available on Android.

Street Cricket

The nostalgia of playing cricket on your neighborhood street will hit hard when you play this game. Play matches with five or ten overs. Make a team of five. Select your bowlers. This game is marked by high resolution graphics and a realistic feel of cricket. Cricket lovers will not be disappointed.

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket allows you to play against various countries and win the world cup. Show the world how it is done in the world T2, which is marked by two overs. All in all, this game provides you with a platform for showing off your skills as a bowler and batsman. Play with your friends and decide who the champion is.

Beach Cricket

Experience how it feels to play cricket by the beach. Make a team of 11 players and select your bowlers. Play a game of five or ten overs. Win the toss. Choose who gets to bat first. Experience cricket like never before.

World Cricket Championship 2

Do you wish to leave a mark in the virtual game of cricket? This game allows you to play against various countries in a dynamic and highly realistic way. This game features 3D graphics, over 45 different batting shots and a chance for you to experience how it feels to be on an international team.

Real Cricket 17

As the name suggests, this game delivers a realistic cricket experience. Excellent graphics and smooth touch control make this game as real as possible. Select your team, bowling and batting order. Be captivated.

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