7 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Related posts plugins for your WordPress website are essential if you want to decrease the bounce rate and engage visitors with more posts. All of these plugins work on the same principle, but due to different algorithms, they provide different results. As such, you should be looking for the best performances. Below you will see 7 plugins of this kind which are currently the best.


YARPP stands for Yet Another Related Post Plugin and it is simply the best. First of all, it is able to display related posts which are the most relevant to the main article a visitor is looking at at the moment. As a matter of fact, the plugin does this better than any other plugin you can download and use today. As the end result, you can expect better bounce rates and more traffic.

Adding thumbnails to your related posts can also boost the effect and provide you with even better results. Let’s not forget about the ability to add related posts to the slider or at the end of a page.

Contextual Related Posts

The main reason why this plugin is so highly rated is the fact it scans the content of your articles, not only the titles. As such, the predicted and displayed posts are more relevant! Install, activate the plugin and you are done.

Some of the main advantages include shortcodes and CSS compatibility. Additionally, the plugin will reduce the loading time on your server.


The Jetpack feature allows you to show your website visitors related content that they may find interesting. This helps keep them engaged and on your site for longer periods of time. The related posts are automatically generated and displayed.

After the plugin is activated, ensure all modules are enabled and running. Configure the plugin and you will get the related posts feature. The best thing here is the ability to choose between various, different looks and layouts of the related posts.


This plugin will allow you to share ad revenue. You will have to sign up in order to use the plugin, but it is completely free. Additionally, you can get support when needed, also free of charge.

This plugin is extremely popular nowadays and one of the best. You may want to know that it is also easy to use without the need for coding or anything else.


The name sounds great and this plugin allows you to add related posts, share buttons, and also to affiliate links. Customization is at 100% and one of the best you can get.

Installing and activating the plugin is all that you have to do.

Editorial Assistant

Besides the fact Editorial Assistant gives you the option to display related posts, it also allows you to share posts of other bloggers. The idea is to share visitors and decrease the bounce rate.

The revenue sharing feature isn’t available, but overall this is a great plugin. It does precisely what it needed and it won’t affect the performance of your website.

WordPress Related Posts

The name explains everything. Still, you should know that this plugin is developed by the same team who developed the previous plugin here. Sharing with other bloggers is possible, and so are customization capabilities.

The plugin doesn’t require coding or adjusting and is fully operational after activation. It looks great on smartphones and tablets.

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  1. I like the plugins you have reviewed, but it will be more faster if you can use PHP code for the site for related post instead of using plugin, this is my opinion i hope u can accept my suggestion pals

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