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Construct is an HTML5-based 2D game editor, developed by Scirra Ltd. Construct is a fully featured game development tool known for its constant updates and improvements.

The engine allows non-programmers to develop games using visual elements. Games made with Constructs can be published to Steam, iOS, Android, and a few other places in a few easy clicks.

  1. Construct 3 is a powerful, intuitive game engine for making HTML5 games.
  2. It has an easy drag-and-drop interface and comes with many features like full web export, one-click publishing to Google Play and the Apple App Store, multiplayer support, built-in physics simulation (Box2D), and more.
  3. You can make your own games without any coding knowledge or experience.
  4. With Construct 3 you don’t need to learn how to use complex software suites like Unity or Unreal Engine because it’s already built in!
  5. There are also plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will help teach you how to use the program – this cuts down on time spent figuring things out yourself!

Table of Contents

Tutorials and Courses

  1. Official tutorials – With over 50+ tutorials from basics to advanced topics, this website should be the first place for anyone who wants to make games using Construct. You will learn everything about the engine and its capability here, from using the UI to making a game in a genre like RPG, or platformer.
  2. Learn to Code Video Games: Complete Guide to Construct 2 & 3 – This is a hands-on guide to learning Construct 2 while building many complete video games from scratch. They teach Construct by showing how to make games like mazes, blocks, Angry Birds-like, car racing, etc…
  3. Construct 3 – The Complete Game Creation Learning Course – This course is a complete guide on how to develop games with Construct 3. You will learn to create a flappy bird clone, a fully featured platformer game, a match 3 game, export construct 3 games to Android and iOS, special effects, fire, rain, shadows, access camera, geolocation, several kinds of physics games, create multiplayer games, and a pseudo 3d game from scratch.
  4. Construct 3 Game Development: Build 2D Games Without Coding – Imagine how awesome it would be to make complex 2D games without coding. Crazy right? But Construct 3 is the way to do that! It’s possible with practically any artistic skill so you can join in on the fun! Take this game development online course, and learn all the ins and outs of 2D game design for beginners who want an easy start-up or seasoned pros looking for a new challenge. Grab your laptop and start building games with Construct 3, the game maker without the coding skills required. It’s a fun course that lets you build anything from puzzles to RPGs in 2D with no prior experience—you don’t even need to know how to code!

Game Templates

  1. Fruit Boom – Feel like a Ninja Chef! Cut as many fruits as possible on normal mode or in limited time mode, avoid bombs and fruit drops, and Become the Coolest!
  2. Driver Highway – Driver Highway is a 2D racing game made with Construct 2 and Construct 3 Game Engines (Capx, C3p Files + HTML5 Included).
  3. Pipe Mania – This is a puzzle game about connecting pipes. The main mission is to connect the pipes to drain water to the target pipe without any leaks.
  4. Trivia Quiz Mania – Test your knowledge from six categories of questions in this Trivia Quiz Mania HTML5 game.
  5. Jump Box Hero –  This is a flat-style arcade game with very beautiful graphics. It includes a mobile version. Control the player to jump vertically and avoid obstacles.
  6. Fill – This is a puzzle game about connecting dots in one draw.
  7. Jump Ninja Hero – This endless runner is fun to play. Control the ninja to jump, dodge.

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