The Best GDPR and CCPA Consent Packages for Flutter

As GDPR and cookie consent becomes a major concern for many businesses and app developers, it is important to find the best package for your needs. As with many things, there are a lot of packages to choose from in the Flutter community. That being said, it is important that you find one that fits your needs and works well with the rest of your app.

In this post, we will introuduce three packages that are perfect for Flutter projects. These packages have been tested on various devices and operating systems to ensure compatibility with all of your users.

3 Best GDPR and CCPA Consent Packages


GDPR Dialog for iOS is the perfect library to help your app comply with GDPR regulations.

This library gives you all of the dialogs that users need to provide consent so that personalized marketing be compliant, and will also be non-personalized ads if a user does not want those.

The beautifier makes the code look nice and neat, is easy to parse and supports localization out of the box.

GdprDialog.instance.showDialog('pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx', 'https://URL-to-privacy-page', isForTest: true, testDeviceId: '')
                      .then((onValue) {
                    print('result === $onValue');

The GdprDialog has showDialog() method accepts admob publisherID and privacy page URL then show them via native dialog.

  • true = show personalized ads
  • false = show non personalized ads


Admob Consent is a wrapper for Google’s User Messaging Platform (UMP) SDK, used for consent gathering on Android and iOS. Collecting data without clear and informed consent violates GDPR guidelines, so you need a GDPR compliant SDK.

This GDPR-compliant UMP wrapper lets you gather consent in 3 easy steps:

1. Ask permission to record the information;

2. Allow the user to choose their recorded personal information;

3. Display privacy policies after they have agreed or not provided their permissions.

You’ll be set with this simple but proven tool that will comply with all European Union regulatory standards within seconds!


One of the toughest things with GDPR is your end-users. It can be a tricky process to explain to them why they need different permissions for certain apps and how to go about granting those permissions, so it’s important that you’re using Google’s Mobile Ads Consent SDK.

With funding_choices plugin, you have an easier time managing all of your consent dialogs in one place – provided by Google.

The package can be used to create GDPR dialogs in your application. Before using the code, you can set up your Google Funding Choices account and turn on the SDK for your App.

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