Best Flutter Packages to Work with Odoo

Odoo is an open source ERP which can be connect from outside to perform some database operations. Part of its Models API is available over XML-RPC and JSON-RPC. These Dart & Flutter plugins use these protocols to communicate with Odoo.

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Odoo RPC is a Dart client library with session changes tracking via steam.


  • Client can be initialized as new or with previously stored Odoo Session.
  • User can authenticate with required database name, login and password.
  • It can send JSON-RPC requests to JSON controllers.
  • The library uses CallKw method to execute public methods.
  • Odoo Session are observed via stream.
  • Session is terminated if user logouts and when it expires exceptions is thrown.
final client = OdooClient('');
  try {
    await client.authenticate('demo_db', 'demo_user', 'demo_pass');
    final res = await client.callRPC('/web/session/modules', 'call', {});
    print('Installed modules: \n' + res.toString());
  } on OdooException catch (e) {


This is a Odoo JSON-RPC connector package for Flutter, which consists of some methods to call Odoo API with JSON-RPC. 

With this package, you can perform these actions:

  • Version Information
  • Session information
  • Authenticate user
  • Database listing
  • Create/Update/Unlink records
  • Read records with fields for given ids of model
  • Search and read based on domain filters.
  • CallKW method for calling any model level methods with arguments.
  • Calling json controller with params.
var client = OdooClient("");
  client.connect().then((version) {
    print("Connected $version");

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