11 Best Flutter Animation Libraries

One of the notable features of Flutter is its animation library, which allows developers to quickly and easily create stunning visuals for applications. Working with animation in Flutter is fun. There are many ways to make your UI alive.

If you don’t want to use the built-in animation widgets, you can choose among the best Flutter animation libraries below to use in your project.

Simple Animations

Simple Animations is a powerful framework to help developers create beautiful custom animations. It can easily create custom animations in stateless widgets, animate multiple properties at once, and create staggered animations within seconds.

This plugin is the only plugin I found examples are awesome. It solves lots of real-life animation problems.


funvas package provides an easy way for developers to make canvas animations based on time and some math functions such as sine and cosine.


This package allows widgets to play animation on mounted. It uses a standard Flutter animation widget, which allows you to customize your animations as much as possible. It is suitable for a list or a grid, or any long components.


Animator allows you to create stunning flutter animations, faster, more efficiently, and with less code. It is partly inspired by the amazing Animate.css package by Dan Eden. It can combine and chain Tweens with multiple easing curves, restart animations on hot-reload and animate your widget using Animate.css-based Widgets.

Steps Animation

This plugin will help you compose multi animations step by step.

 stepsAnimation = StepsAnimationBuilder()

In the code above, you can see that the StepsAnimationBuilder can add animations one by one.


This is a Flutter library for gradually painting SVG path objects on the canvas. The rendering library exposes a central widget called AnimatedDrawing which allows rendering SVG paths (via AnimatedDrawing.svg) or Flutter Path objects (via AnimatedDrawing.paths) in a drawing-like fashion.


Zerker is a Flutter canvas graphics animation library. It has very simple API and operation methods to help developers achieve a variety of animation effects, such as the like effect, admission animation, pop-up effect, etc.

Liquid Swipe

Liquid swipe is the revealing clipper to bring off amazing liquid-like swipe to stacked Container.

Staggered Animations

Staggered Animations library can add staggered animations to your ListView, GridView, Column, and Row children. It supports 4 types of animations with respective widgets: FadeInAnimation, SlideAnimation, ScaleAnimation, and FlipAnimation.


If you want to make simple animations, using this library is good enough. It can chain several animations. It supports these widgets: TranslationAnimatedWidgetOpacityAnimatedWidgetRotationAnimatedWidgetScaleAnimatedWidgetSizeAnimatedWidget.


This animation package adds an animated orbit around the widget you have such as a profile or an image or anything.

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