Making Games with Flutter – Flame Game Engine

Many developers who fall in love with Flutter might ask a question about the capability of Flutter in game development some times. The good news is that there are libraries which have been developed to allows game creation in Flutter. The most active game engine currently is Flame.

Flame Game Engine

Flame is a minimalistic open source 2D game engine for Flutter. If you know Dart and Flutter, you can jump into writing game with Flame right away.

The engine provides a complete set of out-of-the-way solutions for the common problems making game in Flutter.

The latest version features:

  • a game loop
  • a component/object system
  • bundles a physics engine (box2d)
  • audio support
  • effects and particles
  • gesture and input support
  • images, sprites and sprite sheets
  • basic Rive support
  • and a few other utilities to make development easier


Bonfire helps build RPG games and similar with the power of Flame Engine. This tool was built over Flame Engine and all its resources and classes are available to be used along with Bonfire.



There are many games which’ve been made in Flutter already. They are mostly in genres which don’t require too many activities of graphics and physics on screen such as quiz, math. With the help of game engines like Flame, the genre becomes broader.

Here are some games I found:

  • Darkness Dungeon – This is a dungeon crawler written with Flame and Bonfire.
  • BWO – An infinity procedural online game using Flutter and flames with NodeJS and Firebase for the back-end.
  • Color Mixer – Mix 2 colors to combine into a new one to help the square pass obstacles.

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