10 Best Female RPG Characters

When it comes to female RPG characters, you mostly imagine beautiful and fragile ladies who can heal, with absolutely no attack power. They hold secrets or get kidnapped, but this is pretty much it. However, some “ladies” are capable of taking things a little farther. In some situations, they are even stronger than their male counterparts.

Faris – Final Fantasy V (1992)

Faris is the most well-rounded attacker in Final Fantasy V. She is the one and the only hero who gets bonuses to every stat. From the first minutes together, you can tell how strong her personality is.

She’s not the type of warrior who slashes everything around, but the type of hero who also inspires and teaches you. What makes her so tough? She loves danger. She rejects a calm and peaceful life, only to have some fun while endangering her life.

Despite this, she’s always willing to help those in need – even if it means putting herself in harm’s way. Her cheerful demeanor and sense of adventure are magnetic, making her one of the most popular heroes in the game.

Players will find themselves drawn to her exciting lifestyle, making Faris an essential part of any party.

Aya Brea – Parasite Eve Series (1998-2011)

Aya Brea is the type who feels dumb sometimes, but also the courageous rookie who can become a hero. Instead of running away from danger, she would rather fight it and find the answers.

She charges into situations like no other character, but she also disobeys common-sense orders. When asked to avoid the press, Aya goes straight to the reporters and talks about a supposedly secret situation. She is certainly not perfect, but she can keep her life under control.

Alena – Dragon Quest IV: Chapters Of The Chosen (1990)

When you first play this game, Alena is far from the strongest character. You just have to look at her appearance to figure out she is not a strong physical attacker. Wrong! In fact, she can take more hits than any other player.

Sure, some might say that she is accompanied by a couple of other male characters, yet both of them are mages, so she does all the hard work. All in all, despite the age of this game, Alena is still one of the most appreciated female RPG characters ever created.

Alys Brangwin – Phantasy Star IV (2008)

Alys Brangwin may not be a leading character in Phantasy Star IV, yet the gains appreciation due to her monster-hunting skills. She is also the name behind Chaz – a cheap thief who turns into a solid fighter.

Basically, her role is to mentor. But despite this role, she is still an achieving female character. Her mentoring skills may not appeal to every player, but those who truly understand a story will appreciate this role.

Ayla – Chrono Trigger (1995)

Ayla may not be as inspiring as Crono (the leading character), but she gains respect from the first battle. She makes it crystal clear upfront – she only has respect for the strongest people. Once she joins the fun, she starts fighting with her bare hands.

She does not need a weapon and cannot use magic. With all these, she becomes the strongest physical attacker. You do not really realize how useful she is until you look back at the game and think where would you be without her?

April Ryan – The Longest Journey (1999-2014)

April Ryan does not have a negative past or a dramatic life. Instead, she studies art, just like any other peaceful 18 years old girl. However, unexpected circumstances turn her into one of the leading heroes of the game.

She understands that she is stronger than she thought. She is open-minded and gives everyone a chance, no matter how unusual they are. Her reactions are perfectly natural and authentic. Perhaps this is what enhances her style. Besides, her real strength is in herself and not in her outside actions.

Celes Chere – Final Fantasy VI (1994)

Unless you are a real Final Fantasy fan, chances are you will overlook Celes Chere. Most of your attention is focused on the masculine lead. She joins the fun later on, but her role gains notoriety in the World of Ruin.

However, she has a moment of weakness when she attempts suicide. But with love and strength, she goes back on the right path and shines on the battlefield. Whether she has to heal someone, wave a sword at an enemy or just express her femininity, Celes Chere proves that female characters are worth some attention too.

Selvaria – Valkyria Chronicles (2008-2014)

Selvaria is not the type of positive female RPG character. In fact, the Valkyria Chronicles story introduces her in a pretty fierce way – your troops must survive an exquisite attack by her. She is practically a one-woman army that can handle hundreds of troops without even trying too hard.

After learning what she can do, your respect for her skyrockets right away. Other than her mystical powers, Selvaria is also willing to take one-on-one fights for her cause, so you better expect anything from her.

Kos-Mos – Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille Zur Macht (2002)

Kos-Mos might look like the right woman at the right time. Basically, she succeeds when you least expect her, only to save a situation. Her arms are her weapons, but she also comes up with all kinds of functional features.

You guessed – she is not an actual woman, but an android. However, she is still one of the leading feminine characters in RPGs. Plus, she looks quite human when emotions kick in.

Raquel Applegate – Wild ARMs 4 (2005)

Raquel Applegate gains respect from the initial introduction to Wild ARMs 4. The young waitress is hassled by a group of soldiers, yet she shows her “less charming” side before you even realize it. With time, you learn that she is one of the most stable characters in the game.

Despite her amazing skills and warrior style, the last part of the game surprises you. That is when you find out why she has been hanging around with you. You discover what she was actually looking for. It is by far one of the most touching moments in RPGs.

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