10 Best Android Adventure Games

If you’re looking for an adventure, there’s no need to go any further than your Android device. There are a ton of great adventure games available for Android, and we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch. Whether you’re looking for something to play on your commute or something to sink your teeth into for hours on end, one of these games is sure to fit the bill.

Following are the top 10 adventure games available on Android phones:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

In this puzzle-platformer game, you play as two boys who are in search of a cure to ease their father’s terminal illness. As the game progresses, the boys will have to go through various obstacles. The good thing is that there are no in-app purchases and the game is not very long, so you can complete it in only a few hours. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons features a unique control scheme along with decent graphics and an actual storyline.

Ghost Town Adventures

If you’re looking for an adventure that’s full of intrigue and suspense, Ghost Town Adventures is the perfect game for you! You’ll explore mysterious houses and uncover the secrets of Ghost Town, all while completing fun side quests. There are over 100 characters to meet, each with their own unique stories and secrets to discover.

You’ll also enjoy exciting dialog as you interact with the residents of Ghost Town and solve all sorts of riddles along the way. So come on over and join the adventure today!

This game is marked by excellent graphics which are enough to leave you impressed. If you like games with creative storylines and excellent graphics, you will not be disappointed.

Jungle Adventures 2

Combat a magician, bring back the stolen fruits, and earn the title of a savior. Prepare to face adorable enemies as you try to collect all the stolen fruits. This platformer game is marked by smooth controls and satisfactory graphics which will make it hard for you to stop playing.

In Jungle Adventure 2, you can explore the jungle as Tarzan and choose from a variety of different powerups to help you in battle. The graphics are simple yet incredible, and the controls are easy and intuitive.

You can also double jump and use your two pets, a Bullian and Coco, to help you in battle. There are more than 60 unique levels, a ton of boss battles, and the game is suitable for all ages.


Dungeons. Treasures. Monsters. This game has it all. Not only is it specifically designed for mobile devices, but it also allows you to customize controls as per your desire. If you prefer the convenience and a game full of magic and swords, you will be satisfied with this game.

Ice Age Adventures

If you are a fan of the Ice Age series, you will be thrilled to play this game. And for those who love a good adventure, there’s no better way to spend a few hours than by exploring the unknown.

Ice Age Adventures allows players to do just that, joining forces with Sid, Manny, and Diego as they search for a missing herd. Along the way, they’ll discover incredible environments like snowy islands and treacherous, lush lands.

In order to find the missing herd, they’ll need to overcome extreme hurdles and encounters with threatening foes. Additionally, players can sled with Sid and rescue the herd’s babies, use rescued animals as power-ups, and compete against friends in daily/weekly challenges.


This game allows you to play with your friends via its multiplayer feature. This game succeeds in creating an immersive world with the inclusion of over 450 enemies and 30 pets. Enjoy the story line marked by action and adventure. An unexplored world is within your reach.


Have you ever thought about how it would feel to be in limbo? This game helps you experience such a feeling. The game is lauded for its challenging, unique and sadistic story line marked by puzzles. If you prefer dark games, this is the one for you.

Animation Throwdown: TQFC

What if we told you that your five favorite shows had come together to form a card game? This game provides the best crossover for animated shows lovers. Multiple challenges. Humor. Battle. This game has it all.

Adam and Eve 2

Help Adam get reunited with Eve in this adorable yet fun game. Escape wildlife. Feed dinosaurs. Shower a crocodile. Embark on an adventure triggered by a love story.

Criminal Case

Test your crime-solving skills with this highly immersive and fun game. Investigate a crime scene. Catch the killer. This game is the closest you will get to being a true detective.

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